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January 15, 2005

Amusing Australian cicada names

Filed under: Australia — Dan @ 4:35 am

Got to love those Australian cicada names: Green Grocer, Black Prince, Yellow Monday, Chocolate Soldier, Masked Devil, Blue Moon, Double Drummer, Floury Baker, Cherrynose, Whiskey Drinker, Redeye, Bladder Cicada, Hairy Cicada, Golden Emperor, Eastern Sandgrinder, Brown Bunyip…


  1. What you saw is very common, it was either pregnant, which i doubt or a gargantuan cicada, more right. They’re found around that area of the world. Count yourself lucky their normally in hibernation this time of year.

  2. Del Highfield says:

    Saw a most amazing bug yesterday. Looked like a cicada but it was huge. Possibly 3 inches long, shimmering mother of pearl green wings. and a pretty thick body for it’s size. Fell out of a tree, landed on its back, righted itself, and climbed with great agility way high in the closest tree. Sighting was near the Northern border of Belize to Mexico in the Yucatan peninsula. Can you provide any idea what we saw?

    1. Dan says:

      Could be a cicada. Hard to say without photos.

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