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June 28, 2022

Cicada Season Kicks off in New Jersey

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Updating (9/8) with some photos of an adult male Hieropglyhic cicada.

Hieropglyhic cicada NJ 2022

Hieropglyhic cicada

Updating (6/28) with some more locations: Bass River Park (E Greenbrook Rd), Harrisville Pond, Franklin Parker preserve.

Cicada season started in New Jersey last week with the emergence and singing of Neocicada Hieroglyphica aka the Hieroglyphic cicada. I heard them in Brendan T. Byrne state park and Hammonton. Someone on our Instagram said he heard them in Vineland. which specializes in the cicadas of the Mid-Atlantic, has Hieropglyhic cicadas starting around June 8th — this makes sense because they’re found in Florida, as well as more northern states like New Jersey and New York (Long Island).

You can hear their high-pitched screams in this video:

Here is the molted skin of a Hieroglyphic cicada:
Hieroglyphic Cicada


  1. Mish! says:

    I live near Omaha, NE. Uhm there’s something going on, lol i guess it has been a long time since ive seen this many really hatching. Like 15 for every one i used to see.
    They’re super pretty!! Light green, i think black eyes, two black squares on the back, wings were like bluish light green translucent.
    I love their sing song ? the way some people fall asleep to rain, cicadas sing my lullaby.

    1. Dan says:

      Here’s a list of Common cicadas of Nebraska. If you have a photo, you can send it to

    2. Coleman says:

      The cicadas you’re seeing are likely Neotibicen superbus.

  2. Coleman says:

    I heard the first cicada of this year (Neocicada Hieroglyphica) on May 11, 2022. I live in North Louisiana. Is this normal?

    1. Coleman says:

      The first cicada that I caught this year was also Neocicada Hieroglyphica, and it was captured on May 18, 2022. Diceroprocta Vitripennis was also heard that night as I was walking back to my house.

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