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May 1, 2019

Cicada Safari app for tracking Magicicada periodical cicadas

In the Brood IX (9) area? Researchers need your help! If you see a cicada, please report it using the Cicada Safari App 📱, available for Android and Apple phones.

Mount St. Joseph University has released a new app called Cicada Safari. Its purpose is to help you identify periodical (Magicicada, 17-year, 13-year, “locusts”) cicadas, and share the location where you found them. Scientists like Dr. Gene Kritsky, of Mount St. Joseph University, will use the data to determine exactly where periodical cicadas exist, in order to create maps for future generations.


Judging by screenshots of the app, it looks like you can 1) identify cicadas, 2) take a photo and share it, 3) map the location where you found it, 4) compete with other cicada scientists for the most cicadas found. Looks that way at least.

Cicada Safari App

Cicada Safari App

The app lets you submit cicadas photos of any species.

Not in the eastern United States, and looking for an app to identify and report cicadas, other creatures, plants & fungi? Try the iNaturalist apps.


  1. Julie says:

    Identified masses of brood IX cicada nymph holes and burrows emerging within last 2 weeks on our property Air temp only in 60’s-70’s so far. Glad to solve mystery of holes in yard. Northern Surry county NC, minutes fromVA, base of Blue Ridge Mtns.

  2. Jim Nicolazzo says:

    We live in bell acres pa and there all around us here. You can actually see the 1/2 round holes they come out of. This is the most we have ever seen as long as we have live in the area

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