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Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world.

December 31, 2010

Cicada Mania: Z

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Z is for Zeno P. Metcalf. Dr. Metcalf is famous for his study of cicadas and other Auchenorrhyncha. Read more about Zeno P. Metcalf.

Zouga is an easy to hear, but difficult to catch genus of cicada that exists in South Africa. Read more about Zouga cicadas.

Zammara is a South American genus of cicadas, “with with really interesting morphology, including Dracula-like pronotal collars”. Have a look a this pretty blue Zammara.

Thanks to David Marshall of Insect Singers for Zeno, Zouga and Zammara.

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  1. Zeno, Zouga and Zammara. cool

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