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April 18, 2021

Cicada Mania BINGO for Brood X 2021

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Here’s something fun: Cicada Mania BINGO. Use this BINGO card to keep track of everything you see, hear or do in context to the Brood X emergence. Here’s a PDF version. Tips below the image of the card:

Cicada Mania


  1. Pictures of cicada Holes and Chimneys
  2. Magicicada septendecim photos & song
  3. A cicada with white eyes
  4. Cicadas with blue and yellow eyes
  5. Video of Cicada Nymphs at Night
  6. Cicadas with Massospora cicadina fungus infections
  7. Magicicada septendecula photos & songs
  8. Cicada eggs and young nymphs
  9. Are cicadas safe to eat?
  10. Magicicada cassini photos & songs
  11. Video of a cicada laying eggs
  12. Links to the Cicada Safari app.
  13. Cicada songs, including Choruses
  14. Wing Flicks Videos

I’ll probably do a version for summertime cicadas too.


  1. LN says:

    I lack computer savvy but still, I must inquire, have you a way, or please can y9ou describe a way for me to change the ultra-pedestrian ‘arrow’ to BE a colorful cicadacursor going forward? I love the way the litty-cicada-icon appears every time I make a selection on this site. Please will you advise?
    Thank you. Very Truely Yours,

    1. Dan says:

      Not sure that this will clarify for you, but I set the cursor to an image of a cicada using cascading style sheets that provide the design of the page.

  2. Heather A Miller says:

    What time is best to try to witness the emergence from the earth. We saw about 6 in our backyard early this am. We’d love to witness the large emergence. Thank you!

    1. Dan says:

      Heather, about 15 minutes after sunset.

  3. tammy says:

    How Fun! Thank you for this. I just invited a few people to play this with me:)

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