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October 19, 2008

Cicada Halloween

Filed under: Halloween — Dan @ 9:08 pm

Cicada army, originally uploaded by selenium2000.

Some folks will find this terrifying.


  1. Coleman says:

    In my area, I actually heard some cicadas singing on Halloween! The two species were M. Figuratus and N. Davisi. They were heard in northwestern Louisiana, so it was warm enough I guess.

  2. Aidhan says:

    I have a cicada with only 4 legs… I feel very sorry for him.

  3. Paul says:

    Hello, I have a question, I found a LARGe Cicada yesterday on holloween here in mid-michigan, i believe it to be a 17 year cicada, but it just looks wierd, wings aren’t transparent & the thing is about 3 inches to the eyes to end of wings, & its body & legs are quite skinny looking.. Im guessing that cicadas start to die off around this time of year? Did i find one of the last? I can take pictures to find out what this wierd bug is & more info on it, havent found a picture that looked exactly like it yet & been searching for a while.. my email is contact me & give me more info & i can also send a pic to get some info… But anyways for now this is my 4yo sons (4 on nov 3rd) alien bug & he wants me to feed it & i dont know what to give the thing lol, anyways im not quite sure its gona eat this time in its life anyways.. But like i say this thing is the biggest bug ive ever seen in my life!! freaked bunch of ppl out so far with it…

    & from what i’ve read here this is true that its going to be another 4 yrs before these emerge again? also can i get some more info, just sum it up for me on their life cycle, after they turn into an adult & time of year that they do what…

    I thought i always seen these things towards spring/summer? but maybe thats the anual ones? & what i’ve found here was a 17yr one??

    anyways I look forward to getting some answers, this way i can inform everyone else as well ..

    btw the front legs are really massive on this cicada…

  4. Aidhan says:

    hahaha! its Cute! Lovly Cicadas want to make halloween happy 🙂

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