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September 30, 2003

Cicada Comments from September 2003

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How many species?

Date: Saturday, Sep/27/2003
If you know what is the exact # of species of cisadas? none of yo beez wax, somewhere

What do you mean by cicadas are coming!?

Date: Saturday, Sep/27/2003
Are they like taking over the world or something? ?, ?

I caught a cicada!

Date: Saturday, Sep/27/2003
I found a cicada on the grass in my yard today.I scooped it up in tuperwear and brought it inside.I was I went to to see what they eat and this site came up.I read a question asking will cicadas bite or sting?The answer was no, but they do pinch,scratch,and sometimes they lay eggs on you!Not like I would ever touch it.GROSS!!!!!Some one asked what they eat and the answer was a tree or something like that.The guy that answered said it was best to let it go.So when I’m done online I’m gonna open the tuperwear and RUN!!!!I hate bugs.I don’t know why but I wanted to keep it as a pet.No spiders though.I can’t even look at spiders!!! what my name is, this planet

2004 CICADAS in Pigeon Forge?

Date: Saturday, Sep/27/2003
Could anyone tell me if Pigeon Forge will be effected by the 2004 cicadas. I’m taking a girl scout troop there mid-June and am concerned about perhaps the emergence overpowering the trip since there are so many trees there.
Julie, Cincinnati


Date: Tuesday, Sep/23/2003

CIcadas in September + 17-year emergence in 2004

Date: Sunday, Sep/21/2003
Lots of cicadas still buzzing away here. Things got off to a late start due to the cool spring that we had. It’s doubtful that anyone reporting cicadas this late in the year are hearing Magicicada. They are normally the first ones out in any areaNext year, Brood X, probably the most widespread emergence, will be emerging around June 1st. Don’t miss it! If you happen to live in an emergence area, you won’t miss it! MIke Frey, Lititz PA

Addition to previous

Date: Sunday, Sep/21/2003
Sorry I forgot, my cicada resembles the last picture above Kathleen, Mississauga, Ont, CA

Found a Cicada

Date: Sunday, Sep/21/2003
I initially found this bug and thought that was not native to our country, upon contacting the U of T campus in Mississauga. I found out what it was.It was almost 2 inches long and it was dying, I kept it until itdentification and then let it go (dead). I was totally fasinated by this insect.

— Kathleen, Mississauga, Ont, CA

My mom found one on her paper route!

Date: Saturday, Sep/20/2003
My mother found a cicada on her clothes when she came home in the morning from her daily paper route. She put it in a paper bag and placed it in the trash and it crawled out and suprised my step father. My mother has lived here for 20 years and claims she has never seen themin florida, but in her previous home in Wisconsin she saw them. Do they not really come to florida because of the heat? Heather & Patti, Ft. Myers FL

Cicada “shells” all over tree

Date: Saturday, Sep/20/2003
While cleaning up after Hurricane Isabel, we found a tree with many cacada, but we are unsure if that is what they really are. Zack, Wilmington, NC

Green Cicada

Date: Monday, Sep/15/2003
I was sitting out in front of my office building and there I saw a green cicada dead on it’s back. It has been exactly 17 years since the first time ever exposed to them. RSF, Mclean, Virginia right outside of DC

Tibiscen sp.

Date: Monday, Sep/15/2003
Just picked one up off my patio, not sure of sp. Found him upside down but he’s still got a little life in him. Have him in the house now to show the kids tonight. Grew up on W. coast so never saw these growing up. My first introduction to them was actually in Okinawa (HUGE sp. like small sparrows!)Looking forward to brood X next spring. Stacy, Odenton, Maryland

Re: Chicago early emergence?

Date: Sunday, Sep/14/2003
I have not seen any, just the usual Tibicens but I believe I heard some Magicicada. In our maples along the street, there were some strange lower-pitched two-syllable calls amid the usual Tibicens “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. I haven’t seen any bodies other than Tibicens (whether from die-off or the numerous cats and dogs in the neighborhood capturing them). Shanda, West Dundee, IL

help help help

Date: Saturday, Sep/13/2003
my mom found one of this lttle guy on my front porch we took it in the house and i made him a home this is the 1 night he spent here but i dont know if can set him free missing claws but he has his leg and i dont think he can fly he fly like he is drunk and i dont know if i should let him go tim nichols, windsor ontario canada


Date: Friday, Sep/12/2003
Some activity here in west suburban Boston – exoskeletons found on vertical surfaces and some sporadic noise heard. Nothing like I heard or saw on the Cape years (17?) ago when there were hundreds of exoskeletons, constant noise (sounded like a flying saucer landing) and tips of pine tree branches were falling off the trees! Warren Thompson, Bedford, MA

Melampsalta calliope

Date: Friday, Sep/12/2003
Hi cicada people,I am in a research lab (see CicadaCentral) that is working mostly on one tribe of cicadas – the Cicadettini. These cicadas are found all over the world, but there are only two described species in North America – Melampsalta calliope and Melampsalta floridensis. These are very small (less than 1 inch including wings) green cicadas found in grassy fields in Central/Eastern NA. Does anyone out there have any recent specimens/photos/song recordings that they would be willing to trade? Any information on these cicads would be welcome! Please email me at cicada900 [AT] cicada hunting! Kathy, Storrs, CT

Nymph Shells

Date: Wednesday, Sep/10/2003
We’ve seen nymph shells in our yard both last year and this year. They’re not in great quantities, so I assume they’re not the 17 year cicadas? What kind are these, and can I expect to see them each summer? They’ve come around in July and August of 02 and 03? Barbara , Toms River, NJ

next circada cycle

Date: Wednesday, Sep/10/2003
when is the next cycle for the circadas?They seem pretty loud in my neck of the woodsMike mbgilbert [AT], silver spring, maryland

The Current Cicada

Date: Wednesday, Sep/3/2003
I just noticed the cicadas in my western Pennsylvania neighborhood recently. It seems late in the year for this; could it be due to the amount of rain that we have recieved this year? And, what type of cicada is this and at what interval do they return? Thanks, Wayne and Pat 9-3-03 Wayne Cosentino, Avella, PA USA (western PA)

Out and About!

Date: Tuesday, Sep/2/2003
For the past two weeks it has been excellent cicada viewing! Almost nightly I get to see little ones coming out of their shells and then big ones making the end of August music. Just beautiful! Elizabeth, Chicago, IL

Cicada Killers

Date: Tuesday, Sep/2/2003
It was quite an education learning about not only Cicadas, but those very impressive wasps that like to kill them. Those wasps get my respect. It has ben a very auditory summer. Keith Brigode, Washington Lake, Michigan

Cicada Recorded for CD

Date: Tuesday, Sep/2/2003
We make CDs of sound effects and recorded a daytime bug that might be a Cicada and need to know if it kind of makes the sound of rattlesnake in the trees. We have several recordings and just need to confirm that is the name of the bug. Bob Sound, Houston, Texas

17-year-cicadas in Maine?

Date: Monday, Sep/1/2003
My daughter is planning a Maine wedding for August 2004. Will there be hordes of periodical cicadas there, as there will be here in Maryland? Mary Jansiewicz, Baltimore, Maryland

Cicada remains

Date: Monday, Sep/1/2003
I found this dead insect on my porch. Did anyone else find a cicada in MA? I thought they come around every 17 years Diane, Melrose, MA

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