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October 31, 2003

Cicada Comments from October 2003

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NZ Cicadas starting to emerge

Date: Sunday, Oct/26/2003
I just thought I would let you guys no that the cicadas are starting to emerge here in New Zealand. So far i have caught Rhodopsalta leptomera, Kikihia muta aotea, Notopsalta sericea and have heard Kikihia cutora cutora, ochrina and i believe dugdalei. Kees Green, New Zealand

Cicadas and insect classes

Date: Wednesday, Oct/22/2003
I have not done any serious collecting this summer, but last weekend I taught the section on Insects for the Master Naturalists in Amarillo. I included 40 species of Cicadas when I talked about diversity in insects. Tibicen superba the Superb Cicada seemed out in abundance this summer in Borger, as every tree had two or three in it. Tibicen dorsata – the Grand Western Cicada was also out, but in smaller numbers.I need cicada specimens from the West. Anyone willing to trade? johnne [AT] Wes Phillips, Fritch, Texas USA

Help with identification of this Cicada

Date: Monday, Oct/6/2003
I need help to identify a Cicada. (I have a photo). It was found in south eastern Amazonia near Tucurui on the River Tocantins. Liza Maria Veiga, Belem. Para State, Amazonia, Brazil

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