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October 31, 2001

Cicada Comments from October 2001

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2001 NY Brood Not Seen

Date: Wednesday, Oct/17/2001

I did not see any cicadas although the NY brood was suppossed to emerge this year. Can anyone tell me why? Do they not live in Brooklyn? =TB= — TomBrooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

Green Locust

Date: Monday, Oct/15/2001

My friend saw a huge green locust as he came in my door, buzzing near his head. Of course, this came right after a conversation, today, about the end of the world,.. so I nearly freaked out! haha,.. I have not seen locusts in so long, I forgot how neat they are. — CS, NM, RB, Coral Springs, FL, USA

need to what it is and what it eats

Date: Saturday, Oct/6/2001

hi need help found what we think is an baby locust it is about 1 inch long it has two big wings and two under wings ,and when you pick it up its underbelly is kinda yellowish green if you know what it is please answer ASAP oh yeah also need to know what it would eat. thanks cessna196 [AT] — amber and marissa, Florida usa

Research for a nearly completed novel

Date: Friday, Oct/5/2001

I have nerly completed a novel about New Orleans, which contains a few paragraphs on the cicadas (or “locusts” as they are mistakenly called here). Some time ago I saw a film in which the main character quoted a poem about the locut’s song, but can’t remember which film it was. It might have been independent. Anyway, if anyone knows, could you please inform me? I would like to include it in that particular segment. Thank you! — Elizabeth, New Orleans, LA

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