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November 30, 2001

Cicada Comments from November 2001

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Date: Saturday, Nov/24/2001

I am over run with these CICADA insects….I am not well and since these insects have invaded my property they buzz and make their noise 24 hrs a day seven days a week non stop…….I have no trees either on my property or anywhere near my property……Please tell me how I can get rid of them so I can regain some of my health….Thank you — DOLLY, FT.LAUDERDALE,Fla

Local Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Nov/21/2001

I have been collecting Cicadas in the Texas Panhandle all summer. The most common seems to be Tibicen dorsata, but I have also found Tibicen superba, Tibicen pruinosa, Diceroprocta vitripennis, Melampsalta calliope, Pacarina puella, and what may be Tibicen aurifera. Anybody want to trade?johnne [AT] — Wes Phillips, Fritch, Texas

Cicada I.D.

Date: Monday, Nov/5/2001

Greetings Dan and all. I really enjoy your site. I’ve been a cicada fanatic since I was a little tike, and now that I’m a big tike fast approaching 60, I’m still a fanatic. Do some of us ever grow up? I’m wanting help in identifing a cicada. My quest goes back some 40 years + and I have no pictures to show. This is all from memory. When I was in the third grade of school I visited friends with my parents on the south east edge of Illinois on the Little Wabash River. While walking along a wooded area I found an unusual dead cicada (a male specimen). I took it back to the house and put it on the window sill outside. Next mourning when I went to fetch it, it was gone. A critter must have got it. I did not see this type cicada again until I started high school. A teacher had a display case with a few insects mounted in it. What caught my eye was (you guessed it)the cicada (a female specimen). These are the only two cicada’s of this color I have seen in my 57 year life time. Let me describe them. The color of the intire body was a light brown. The only green was the irregular shapes within the banded area from both sides of the center line. The underneath side was entirely chalky white-no black stripes. My memory does not recall if the wing veins or legs were green or brown. It’s shape and features were like that of Tibicen Chloromera except being light brown as opposed to dark green/almost black. These two specimens had the faint pencil like W on the back just below the band area like the Chloromeras as opposed to the fancy W found on many cicada’s. Is this a deviation from the norm where the pigment did not come out in Chloromera? Was this cicada out of its normal range if it exist? Since there was a male and female, is it a true separate species? Is it common in another region or state? If anyone has info or a gif, or a jpeg that could be sent to me,it would be much appreciated. dpatton [AT] — Dave Patton, Valier, IL. USA

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