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January 31, 2002

Cicada Comments from January 2002

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cicada noise

Date: Thursday, Jan/31/2002

Please! Please! can you help me find information on how to temporarily stop the noise emitted my the cicada. If you don’t know how to stop it, could you send contacts that might have any info that could assist my search. Thanks for your time. Christine — Christine, sunshine coast QLD, Australia

Texas A&M collection

Date: Friday, Jan/25/2002

I recently spent a couple of days in the insect collection at Texas A&M in College Station. They have an excellent collection and I have taken notes on some of the species represented. Really Good Stuff!Wes — Wes Phillips, Fritch, Texas

Cincinnati Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Jan/23/2002

Brood X of the Periodical Cicadas are due to emerge in 2004 in the Cincinnati area. They will be present from around May 20 until the end of June, weather permitting. There is a possibility of a few hundred individuals emerging one year earlier in 2003, but these should be only in scattered locations if at all. There will be no doubt when they emerge in 2004. They will be very noticeable. — John Zyla, Ridge, Maryland, USA


Date: Tuesday, Jan/22/2002

Can anyone tell me when the Cicadas will return to Cincinnati. It seems that it will be 2003, but there is a post saying that it is 2004.Does anyone know for sure? What about month and duration?Many thanks! — Peggy Bailey, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Malaysian cicada

Date: Monday, Jan/7/2002

we found a flattened cicada in a pack of wood from malaysia, and we have been trying to find out more about them, ie their habitat and life span, can you help. it looks like either a pompone imperatoria, or a ayuthia spectabilis. if any one knows please feel free to e-mail me at mooreclub [AT], thanks — mike moore, swindon. united kingdom

RE: The Three Dots

Date: Friday, Jan/4/2002

It sound like you are describing the ocelli. Ocelli are simple eyes, located between the larger compound eyes on the heads of many insects. Cicadas always have 3 ocelli. The 3 ocelli on cicadas form a triangle with the apex pointed down toward the mouth and out toward the compound eyes. If you are looking for information on Australian cicadas, I would recommend the book “Australian Cicadas” by Max Moulds. — Tim McNary, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA

The Three Dots

Date: Friday, Jan/4/2002

I’ve been loving this cicada season, my 4 year old son has been loving it more, even though the noise id defining and i have to turn the music or TV up a few notches i still love it. I was wondering what those 3 shiny dots are on the forehead of the cicada. Thanks to anyone who can help. — jan, Terrigal, Aus

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