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December 31, 2003

Cicada Comments from December 2003

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Date: Saturday, Dec/27/2003
Late May 1970 … traveling on Interstate 74 (on the way to Indianapolis) several miles west of Porkopolis, aka Cincinnati, I encountered a Cicada swarm of huge proportion. The windshield oozed with Cicada drippings, the wipers failed, traction was lost and the car skidded, then spun out on the Cicada road slime into a mammoth pile of Cicada debris that had been plowed from the pavement by a Hamilton County Workhouse Cicada Control Unit. Fortunately I had enough beer to last until another Cicada Control road crew could dig me out. It will soon be Year of the Cicada 2004 ….. drive carefully. Taras Bulba, Southern Ohio

None in Wales – I Think

Date: Saturday, Dec/27/2003
In July/August 2002 we spent 4 wks on holiday on a caravan site in Tuscany, Italy.The whole time we were there, during when the sun was shining, we were subjected to the incessant noise these creatures make. I’ve only today discovered what they are. I’m very thankful we have none in Wales or the UK. Or if we have any, they are the quiet variety. Jeff, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

I’m scared

Date: Thursday, Dec/25/2003
Just thought I’d be the first to put up a message about Brood X before the anticipated 2004 breed, very interesting site. Sausweet, Baltimore MD

DC Invasion!?

Date: Monday, Dec/8/2003
Can someone give me the dates when these wretched things will be invading DC / MD area again and how far (geographically) their invasion reaches? I need to know how far away to move to avoid seeing them! Ben, DC

What weeks will they be here next year?

Date: Saturday, Dec/6/2003
What weeks will Brood 10 (The Washington DC area cicadas) be here in 2004? Patty, Northern Virginia

Lotsand lots of cicadas

Date: Thursday, Dec/4/2003
Here where I live we have so many cicadas on a really hot day the song of theres can get really annoying. My sister collects cicadas and she has apretty good collection. Danni, Melbourne, Australia

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