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April 30, 2002

Cicada Comments from April 2002

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More news on Brood XX111

Date: Monday, Apr/29/2002

One of my current entomology students brought a single specimen of M. tredecim to class this morning that was also captured April 28 in Raymond, Mississippi (Hinds County) about 10 miles southwest of Clinton. She reported seeing hundreds of husks and emergence holes at this site. — Bill P. Stark, Clinton, Mississippi, USA

Any new links?

Date: Sunday, Apr/28/2002

I’m glad to hear the emergence of Brood XXIII has begun. If anyone finds any new cicada site links please email them to us. — Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Brood XXIII emergence

Date: Sunday, Apr/28/2002

The emergence of Brood XXIII is now underway. This morning (April 28, 2002) I have 15 husks and several adult Magicicada specimens on my back porch. The adults are all M. tredecim but two of the nymphs which failed to emerge represent one of the smaller species. Clinton Community Nature Center, where I serve as a volunteer, will hold a program on May 11 on the nature trails to celebrate “Cicada Magic”; if the 2002 emergence is as impressive as the 1989 one we should all get an earful. — Bill P. Stark, Clinton, Mississippi, USA

a new experience.

Date: Friday, Apr/26/2002

For all my life I heard the cicadas and didn’t know what they were. I thought they were just locusts reacting to the hot summer weather, like hearing the crickets at night. Just recently I found out they were cicada’s, and that they emerge from the ground at night and molt on the trees. I find this to be interesting and when they appear again this year I will for the first time more closely be observing them around me. I will have joined the cicada mania 🙂 — stelcha, chicago, ill.

Aaahhh… The Tension mounts!

Date: Friday, Apr/26/2002

Judging by the recent posts… I’d say the anticipation is beginning to grow. I’ll be monitoring the activity of Brood VIII personally and gearing up for several (tons of) field trips! The next few weeks will be getting very interesting!Les — Les Daniels, Fremont, Ohio U.S.A.

Mississippi and Louisiana

Date: Thursday, Apr/25/2002

About that reporting on cicada emergences, I especially urge you to post here if and you see Brood XXIII emerging in Louisiana or Mississippi. They tend to emerge sooner to the south because of the warmer climate, and a report of emergers to my south will give me a much-needed heads-up here in northeast Arkansas. — Nick, Arkansas

Let us know if the cicadas are out…

Date: Thursday, Apr/25/2002

Hi – I’m part of a group researching the periodical cicadas, and we are interested in any reports of emergences of Broods XXIII and VIII so that we can plan our field work as we go. Send messages to david.marshall [AT] Thanks! — David Marshall, University of Connecticut

Where?and When? to view Cicadas

Date: Thursday, Apr/25/2002

I am hoping to make a trip to easternPennsylvania or western Ohio.Could someone please sugest a hot spot and abasic time line of the Cicadas arrival?Thank You — Colin Green, Toronto,Ontario,Canada

Utah cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Apr/24/2002

Last week (April 18) near Oak City, UT, I found fresh cast skins of a very small cicada, probably Platypedia or Neoplatypedia spp. The weather vas very poor, so I didn’t see or hear any adults “clicking” These species do not sing. — Tim McNary, Ft. Collins CO

Thanks for the help!

Date: Wednesday, Apr/24/2002

I’ve been working on this tiring and big insect project for school, and I needed some info on cicadas. The FAQs helped me a lot! I jotted down some things on the periodical cicada. I had all I needed–right here! — M’ia, California

view me — i am a cicada

Date: Wednesday, Apr/24/2002

greetings from illinois. we cicadas eagerly await brood xxiii. visit to see my beautiful self. — chirpy, illinois

You might want to fix one of those FAQ’s…

Date: Tuesday, Apr/23/2002

One of them says adult cicadas don’t need to eat. But actually they do, at least Tibicens, anyway. I used to keep the adults in captivity to test their life span, and usually I would cut small tree branches and place them in water in the cicadas’ enclosure. The cicadas used their food tube to bore through the thin bark and suck juices out of the plants. But when I let the branches die or neglected to provide cicadas with fresh ones, it greatly shortened their life spans. This happened pretty consistently so I think it’s safe to say the adults have to eat, at least the Tibicen cicadas for sure. — Nick, Arkansas

Don’t worry, Alexa

Date: Tuesday, Apr/23/2002

Yep, they’ll be visiting western PA in about 3 or 4 weeks, but not to worry. They’re nothing to be scared of. All they’ll do is make a lot of noise and clutter your yard for about a month, then they’ll disappear for 17 more years. And the populations are spotty so they might miss your pad altogether! =) — Nick, Arkansas

Are they coming

Date: Sunday, Apr/21/2002

Are the cicada really coming this year, 2002, to Pennsylvania. I live in Southwestern PA and was curious as to their arrival. I am very frightened of these insects-can you please ease my worry? — Alexa, New Brighton

10 lbs Cicada

Date: Sunday, Apr/21/2002

A 10 lbs cicada bit the ear off of my pet pitbull — Paul, Widnoon

giant cicada

Date: Sunday, Apr/21/2002

Holy s***, we seen a ten pounder.Bit off my pit bulls ear. Tried to catch that sucker but I damn near lost a finger. — Hez, templeton pennsylvania

Brood XXIII in E. Arkansas, SE Missouri and W. Tennessee

Date: Monday, Apr/8/2002

Brood XXIII should emerge here within the next minth. Can hardly wait. Check out my newly-remodeled Cicadas of Arkansas site at Angelfire and it shouldn’t surprise you… =) — Nick, Arkansas

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