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August 15, 2010

Cicada Alphabet: F

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F is for flagging. Flagging is the term for when leaves of a tree die as a result of oviposition (when the cicada lays eggs in the branches of trees).

Photo credit: Daniel Herms, The Ohio State University, (Forestry Images).

The Floury Baker, aka Aleeta curvicosta, is an Australian cicada. It has excellent camouflage, as you can see from the photo:

Floury Baker by Michelle Thompson
Photo credit: Michelle Thompson.

Fidicina is a Genus of cicadae. Here is a photo of a Fidicina mannifera from Brazil:
Fidicina mannifera from Brazil, Photo by Leonardo Milhomem.
Photo by Leonardo Milhomem.

Formotosena is a Genus of cicada. Here is a photo of a Formotosena montivaga from Thailand:
Formotosena montivaga (Distant, 1889)
Photo by Michel Chantraine.


  1. Dave says:

    It’s also for Froggattoides typicus, the world’s only strictly nocturnal cicada. (Ewart and Popple 2007, Australian Entomologist)

    (…Tettigarctas aren’t cicadas in my book!)

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