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May 28, 2014

Chremistica umbrosa

Filed under: Chremistica | Singapore — Dan @ 4:57 am

Chremistica umbrosa can be found in South-East Asia, in particular Singapore. If you go to see them, bring an umbrella. I don’t know why these cicadas pee this often, but I imagine they are eliminating some toxin or waste or chemical (sugar, perhaps) that is not good for them.

Watch the videos:


  1. david emery says:

    They piddle out water from their sap meal. The meal is calorie poor, so you have to imbibe a great deal and get rid of the excess! Think of it as “light beer”!

  2. Jan Furansowa says:

    Indeed, an umbrella seems necessary! Cicadas can probably sap up to hundreds times their body weight each day, as the other xylem sap-feeders. And the fact that this species is gregarious perhaps explains that we can see such a rain. But this video is still very impressive.

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