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July 12, 2020

Tibicina haematodes (Scopoli 1763) stamp from France

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Here’s a Tibicina haematodes (Scopoli 1763) stamp from France:

Tibicina haematodes (Scopoli 1763) stamp from France

Tibicina haematodes (Scopoli 1763) stamp from France

Bladder cicada trading card

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Bladder cicada trading card. Bladder cicadas (Cystosoma saundersii) are found in Australia. Link to Dr. Popple’s website for more info.

Bladder cicada trading card. Bladder cicadas are found in Australia.

July 10, 2020

Cicada-themed Pokemon. Ninjask & Shedinja.

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Here’s some cicada-inspired Pokemon:




Cicada Toys and Collectables

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Some videos and images of cicada toys and collectibles. Enjoy.

Playlist of videos of a few of the items on this page and more:

Cicada click toy from Japan. Found in an antique store in Ohio:
Cicada click toy from Japan

A larger cicada click toy. I think I found this one on eBay:
Cicada click toy

Cicada clothes pins. I think Roy Troutman sent me these:
Cicada clothes pins

Cicada noise maker. Crank it and it makes a noise.
Cicada noise maker toy

Cicada face magnet. Found in eBay.
Cicada face magnet

Cicada whistle from Peru. I received this as a gift.
Cicada whistle from Peru

Plus cicada toys from Japan. Found on eBay. The black and green on is a Hyalessa maculaticollis.
Plush cicada toys from Japan

Cicada socks:
Cicada socks

Cicada spinner whistle:
Cicada Spinner Whistle

Carved Bamboo Cicada:
Carved Bamboo Cicada

March 24, 2020

Two random cicada-related images

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Two random cicada-related images.

Various cicada ephemera, including a cicada pencil, fishing lures, keychains, pins, etc.:
Various cicada ephemera

A Seminingen — a character from the show Ultraman — and a Cicada Man bobble head.

Cicada Carousel Ride at the Brookfield Zoo

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Cicada Carousel Ride at the Brookfield Zoo, in Brookfield, Illinois. 2007 in celebration of Brood XIII.

Cicada Carousel Ride at the Brookfield Zoo

Cicada Carousel Ride at the Brookfield Zoo

March 7, 2020

Archie McPhee advertisement for the Lucky Cicada

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Here’s a snippet of an Archie McPhee advertisement for the Lucky Cicada toy/keychain. The image was sent to us my Suzanne M.

Whining Cicada with Blinking Eyes Keyring

Also called the “cicada toy that may shrill”This is for everyone who has lived with treefulls of these screaming locusts, has moved away from locust country, and secretly misses them. This lifelike beast, though, far beats any you might have encountered. When you press the metal button on its belly, its eyes flash green and it emits a gut-wrenching cicada whine that sounds like the background music in a science fiction thriller. And it lasts 20 whole seconds! And “since it has cells, you can play anytime.” That’s what it says. Black body, realistic, detailed green wings. 2-3/8″ long, about 1-1/2″ wide at the widest point. Great packaging. Each cicada is blistersealed on a 3-1/2″ x 5″ card with great illustrations. Part of the forest bug series. Nifty pocket clip. And, it’s a keyring. No one could live without this for very long after finding out it exists.

Lucky Cicada Toy Advert

More Lucky Cicada Keychain Images

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Back in the 1990’s Archie McPhee/Accoutrements distributed the Lucky Cicada, a toy with a keyring that would sing when you squeezed its abdomen. Its eyes lit up green too.

All we have now are memories and memorabilia, because they aren’t making them anymore. That said, there are manufacturers in China who have the plans and will make them. That’s a story for another day. Thanks to Roy Troutman for the images.

Front and back packaging:

The keychain and packaging:
Keychain and packaging

4 different paint jobs. And red eyes! Collect them all!
4 different types

February 29, 2020

Neotibicen linnei photo by Tom Lehmkuhl

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Tom Lehmkuhl sent us this photo of an uninvited house guest, a Neotibicen linnei cicada.

Tom Lehmkuhl sent us this photo of an uninvited house guest (Neotibicen linnei).

November 10, 2019

Vincent van Gogh’s Three Cicadas

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People love cicada art possibly more than they love cicadas (my social media posts about cicada art get more views than photos of cicadas).

Here’s Vincent van Gogh’s Three Cicadas. It’s an ink & paper sketch and study. He created it in 1889, in Saint-rémy-de-provence, France. If you want to see it IRL, it’s at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Vincent van Gogh's Three Cicadas

I’d like to, but I can’t think of something clever to say about the fact that cicadas sing, and van Gogh removed his left ear.

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