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May 18, 2013

Brood II cicada photos from Front Royal, Va

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Nature photographer Candice Trimble of Front Royal, Va, sent us these Brood II Magicicada photos.

An adult Magicicada septendecim (Linnaeus 1758):
Candice Trimble 02 - Side View

Magicicada exuvia (shell):
Candice Trimble 02 Nymph

Magicicada adult (probably an M. septendecim):
Candice Trimble 02 Face

Photos of a Brood II Magicicada from Madison, NC.

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These photos of a Magicicada undergoing ecdysis (moulting) in Madison, NC are by photographer Heather James.

Click thumbnail images to see progressively larger versions of the images:

Heather James - Brood II

The “white strings” connecting the teneral (soft) adult cicada to its exuvia (shell, skin) are the old lining of the cicada’s trachea (the tubes through which it breathed).

Heather James - Brood II

March 8, 2010

Terengganua sibylla

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Update: the name of this cicada is actually Trengganua sibylla (confirming after consulting Allen Sanborn’s giant cicada book. You’ll find people also refer to this cicada as Tosena sybilla.

Terengganua sibylla mating

P1020993, originally uploaded by The Aperture Studio. From Flickr.

A pair of Terengganua sibylla mating.

This website has a audio file of the Terengganua sibylla signing.

October 25, 2009

Cicada Images for your site

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People have asked for “free” cicada images in the past, and many simply “steal” images from this site. I’m providing a selection of cicada images you can embed on your web page, Facebook, twitter, etc. All we ask is that you give credit to The images are released under a “Create Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic” license.


Crippled Tibicen

Tibicen chloromera Cicada

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More Cicada images for your site

June 7, 2009

New Cicada Photo Flickr Group

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I started a group on Flickr for Cicada Photos. Each week I’ll troll Flickr for the best and invite them to the group, but any one is welcome to submit their photos!

July 5, 2008

A monograph of oriental cicadidae (1892) by Willian Lucas

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I recently found a book called A monograph of oriental cicadidae in the Internet Archive. The A monograph of oriental cicadidae was authored by W. L. Distant, and published in 1892 — that’s 116 years ago! The book contains plenty of text and illustrations, some of which I’ll include below:

Angamiana etherea

Angamiana etherea

Cicada taglica

Cicada taglica

Cosmopsaltria tripurasura

Cosmopsaltria tripurasura

Peciliopsaltria hampsoni

Peciliopsaltria hampsoni

Terpnosia stipata

Terpnosia stipata

Tosena depicta

Tosena depicta

Tosena sibylla

Tosena sibylla

Tosena splendida

Tosena splendida

August 10, 2007

Cicada from Kyrenia, Cyprus

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Wendy submitted this photo of a cicada taken this July in Kyrenia, Cyprus (yes, the island nation in the Mediterranean sea). I’m excited any time I can expand the international diversity of cicada photos on this website.

cicada from Cyprus

June 19, 2007

A couple of nice cicada photos from Joe Balynas

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Click the images for larger versions:

Mating cicadas:

Joe Balynas 2007

A female cicada getting ready to lay some eggs:

Joe Balynas 2007

Joe Balynas 2007

Joe Balynas 2007

A Huge mass of cicada exuvia:

A Huge mass of cicada exuvia:

June 14, 2007

Clever Cicada Photo Art

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Cicada Invasion

Composite photo by Joyce Dinello, La Grange Park, IL. Contact Joyce at

June 12, 2007

Blue Eyed Magicicada from Villa Park IL

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Paula King’s son found this cicada in Villa Park, IL. In the picture they eyes are white, but Paula observed that the eye color would actually vacillate between blue and white over the course of time. That’s an important observation.

Paula King, Blue Eyed Cicada

Here’s another picture from Paula of a cicada with mustard colored eyes:

Paula King. Yellow eyed cicada.

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