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January 15, 2005

Amusing Australian cicada names

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Got to love those Australian cicada names: Green Grocer, Black Prince, Yellow Monday, Chocolate Soldier, Masked Devil, Blue Moon, Double Drummer, Floury Baker, Cherrynose, Whiskey Drinker, Redeye, Bladder Cicada, Hairy Cicada, Golden Emperor, Eastern Sandgrinder, Brown Bunyip…

October 1, 2003

Welcome Australian cicada maniacs!

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Welcome Australian cicada maniacs! David from Sydney let us know: “The cicada season around Sydney, Australia has started with the emergence of “green grocers” (Cyclochila australasiae) in the lower Blue Mountains. Grass cicadas have been out for a month. Get ready Antipodeans!!”. Thanks, David. Enjoy the Green Grocer/Yellow Monday links below (thanks to Laura for the inspiration):

Cicadas: Superfamily Cicadoidea.

Summer of singing cicadas.


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