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August 14, 2007

Newark Star Ledger Interview

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I was interviewed by the Newark Star Ledger for their Jersey Blogs section.

Direct link to the article.

January 15, 2007

More “Humor” from 1996

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Here’s more Humor from this website circa 1996:

Cute names for the not so cute Cicada:

# Flying cigar butts
# Flying turds
# The harbingers of apocalypse
# Impromptu doggie treats, hors d’oeuvres, missing Monopoly piece, etc…
# Satan’s Parakeets
# Living hair curlers
# The name of an annoying acquaintance (example: “Blitzers”)
# Tree roaches
# Airbourne car alarms
# Sleeping bag buddies

May 31, 2006

Cicada Mania 10 Year Anniversary!

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This June marks the 10th year of this Cicada Mania web site. It was 10 years ago that I created the original Cicada Mania logo, and posted a bunch of cicada pictures from a friend’s wedding. Not as cool as the 17 year anniversary, but impressive none the less.

Cicada Mania logo

August 9, 2005

Here’s a picture of the Cicada Mania staff preparing a new post

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Here’s a picture of the Cicada Mania staff preparing a new post:

Here's a picture of the Cicada Mania staff preparing a new post

(I need a vacation.)

May 14, 2005

Cicadas (and me) on CNN

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Last year around this time I appeared on the Anderson Cooper Show on CNN.

Be warned: I look how a dude who runs a cicada website should look like: 40 pounds overweight and a little scraggly.

April 19, 2004

Magicicada Crossword Answers

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Here are the answers to the Magicicada crossword puzzle.

2. Two of them are…. Answer: compound, as in compound eyes.
7. Mistaken identity. Answer: locust, as in the inappropriate nickname for periodical cicadas.
8. Soil temperature sampler. Answer: Heath, as in James Edward Heath.
10. Insect Singers site. Answer: Marshall, as in David Marshall, owner of
11. The cicada’s old outfit. Answer: exuvia.
13. Where you’ll find the arches. Answer: mesonotum.
15. Keep a lid on it. Answer: operculum.
17. Longest lifecycle. Answer: seventeen, as in 17-Year cicada.
22. Ohio expert. Answer: Kritsky, as in Gene Kritsky.
24. Five. Answer: eyes, as in cicadas have five eyes.
27. Never on time. Answer: stragglers.
28. A delicious drink. Answer: xylem.
29. I’m seeing red. Answer: eyes.
30. Grill. Answer: clypeus, which looks like a car’s grill.
31. 5 steps. Answer: instars.
33. Final form. Answer: imago.
35. Seven is the smallest. Answer brood.

1. Un-popped collar. Answer: pronotal
3. Four to get off the Floor. Answer: wings.
4. A “cool” cicada expert. Answer: John, as in John Cooley.
5. Three of Five. Answer: ocelli, as in 3 of the 5 cicada eyes are called ocelli.
6. Youngsters. Answer: larvae
9. Plates. Answer: tergites
12. A rare color. Answer: blue
14. Nest knife. Answer: ovipositor
16. Pitch shifter. Answer: neotredecim, as in Magicicada neotredecim which shifts its pitch higher in the presence of Magicicada tredecim. Neither of these cicadas are part of Brood X, but they are Magicicada.
18. Left Connecticut forever. Answer: eleven, as in Brood XI, which went extinct.
19. Drum kit. Answer: tymbals
20. Amphetamine fungus. Answer: Massospora, as in Massospora cicadina, the fungus that infects cicadas.
21. Cicada banners. Answer: flagging, as in flags of dead leaves caused by cicada egg-laying.
23. Keep hanging on. Answer: tarsal, as in their tarsal claws.
25. Mr. Softy. Answer: teneral.
26. Just six of these. Answer: legs
32. Beak. Answer: rostrum
34. Connecticut lab leader: Simon, as in Chris Simon.

April 15, 2004

Cicada Mania Interviews

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed me on the 5/14/2004 episode of 360. Also on 5/14 I participated in a round table discussion of cicadas on Ira Flatow NPR’s Science Friday. Patrick Jenkins of the Newark Star Ledger interviewed us for the 5/13 edition of that paper.

The transcript of my interview on Anderson Cooper’s 360. BTW, the camera adds 20 pounds of fat and 40 pounds of ugly.

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