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May 6, 2009

Be on the look out for Brood II cicadas!

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Brood II isn’t set to emerge for 4 more years, however it appears that Brood II cicadas are emerging 4 years ahead of time in some places. See our previous post about the cicadas emerging in Greensboro NC.

Here’s a map of Brood II’s range.

If you do see or hear a Magicicada emerge this year, report it to Cicadas @ UCONN (formerly

And don’t forget to upload photos and video to your YouTubes, Flickrs, FaceBooks, MySpace, etc, and tell us about it.

Image of Magicicada:


May 4, 2009

Magicicada septendecim emerging in Greensboro, NC

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Tommy Joseph took these photos of Magicicada septendecim emerging Greensboro, North Carolina.

Update: looking at the maps, they probably aren’t brood XIV. Looks like they are Brood II accelerated 4 years, or Brood XIX accelerated 2 years (which would make them 13 year cicadas).

Big pile of skins:
Big pile of cicada skins

Magicicada with damaged wings:
Magicicada with damaged wings

Adult Magicicada:
Adult Magicicada

Magicicada Exuvia

Male Magicicada septendecim:
Male Magicicada septendecim

Exuvia/skins/shells on leaves:
Exuvia/skins on leaves

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