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May 24, 2008

Emergence Update

Filed under: Brood XIV — Dan @ 10:09 am

This should be a warm weekend all around the Easter half of the U.S.A. so the cicadas should definitely be emerging in Pensy and south.

G Murphy reports that he can hear them over he sound of his tractor in Muddy Pond, Tennessee.

Susan Blase reports that the cicadas are crawling up through their pavers in Bear Gap, Pennsylvania.

Karen reports that the emergence is “unreal” Northern McCreary Co., KY.

Leann reports that there are hundreds coming up through the ground in Bowling Green, KY.

June reports that there are so many that the grass is moving in Richmond, KY.

Becca reports “There are hundreds in my yard in Huntington, West Virginia“.

Verna reports that the emergence has begun in Frankfort, KY.

John Ashville reports that they’re singing in Asheville, NC.

Mike reports that “the yard looks alive as hundreds, perhaps thousands have emerged in the lawn” in Radcliff, Hardin County KY.

Roy Troutman reports that they have emerged in Batavia OH, and both Roy and Matt Berger report that they have emerged in Loveland, OH.

Some photos from Roy:

Nymphs crawling up a tree

A cicada fresh out its shell.

Don’t forget to:

  1. Report your sightings to
  2. Take photos and video

May 20, 2008

Emergence Updates and Website Changes

Filed under: Brood XIV — Dan @ 5:20 am

Emergence updates:

Randy Bigbie reports: “Here in Wilkesboro/Moravian Falls, NC in the Blue Ridge Mt. foothills. we have hundreds in our yard.”

Cathy Decker reports: “Several cicadas were discovered in the Pierce Community of Greensburg, in Green County Kentucky“.

Patricia Cooper reports: “They have arrived in Adairville, KY42202″.

Terry Samsel reports: “Cades Cove [TN] in the Smokeys” (TN).

(The website is finally getting more traffic than in it does during Australia cicada season, so I know the emergency is really underway.)

Site update:

I also added the Death Cab for Cutie advert because they’ve supported the site over the years.

Don’t Forget:

Don’t forget to Share your Cicada Images, Video and Text.

Davy’s cicada comic book will be available soon.

Last but not least…

Another photo from Roy of his home-raised cicada emerging

Home raised cicadas emerging

May 18, 2008

Roy’s cicadas emerge in captivity

Filed under: Brood XIV | Magicicada | Periodical | Roy Troutman — Dan @ 7:32 am

Like Matt Berger, Roy Troutman was able to observe Magicicadas emerge in captivity. Here’s an excellent photo of one of Roy’s cicadas.


Cicada Emergence Update

Filed under: Brood XIV | Magicicada | Periodical — Dan @ 6:50 am

Shawn McLeod in Flemingsburg, Kentucky has reported a light emergence (3 cicadas).

John Hupka has reported empty shells of Cicadas in Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee!

Diane has reported “The Cicadas have arrived in our trees. We are 30 miles northwest of Nashville, TN. They seem to like our sycamore trees.”

Sherry has reported “I just got back from Cades Coves Tennessee the Magicicada were in the emergence stage both nights.”

Greg Stamper reported “Hazard, Kentucky – The Cicada started slowly a week ago now are beginning to pick up speed.”

John reported “I live in Floyd County Kentucky ans there are hundreds of them coming out.”

Tammy reported “I live in Corbin KY and my house is COVERED!!!!”

Also check out the Where Are They Now map on the Mount’s Cicada Web Site.

May 14, 2008

Cicada Emergence Update

Filed under: Brood XIV — Dan @ 9:58 pm

Gene Kritsky wrote to say that the emergence in the Cincinnati area did indeed start on the 13th, particularly in areas where the sun was able to heat the ground to 66 degrees. The past week or so has been cold in the Cincinnati area, which has slowed the progress of the emergence. Those of you hoping to get the emergence under way need to wish for warmer weather. Of course you should visit The Mount’s Cicada Website and check out the Where are They Now Google map, which will show you where they are emerging. I encourage you to report your sightings on Gene’s site as well.

Nanci Perlstein reported on the message board that “in Asheville, N.C. very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are hundreds of them!”.

Roy McGinnis reported that he witnessed 1000’s of cicadas in “Carter County half way between Johnson City and Elizabethton TN

Rita Bobeana reported that they’re experiencing a hatch and a half in “the very northeast end of Unicoi County, TN“.

And Becca reported at least one cicada found by herself and her daughter in Louisville, KY.

May 10, 2008

Live map of cicada emergences

Filed under: Brood XIV — Dan @ 10:27 am

For those of you who want to see where cicadas are emerging, check out the Google map on Cicadas @ UCONN (formerly It’s on the right side of the page.

May 7, 2008

The Brood XIV emergence has begun

Filed under: Brood XIV | Magicicada — Dan @ 9:10 am

Folks, we just got word from Gene Kritsky that an adult was reported emerging in Maderia, Ohio today. The emergence has begun; expect large numbers of cicadas to start appearing within the next 10 days in most areas. Get your cameras, camcorders, audio recording devices and fishing rods ready.

From Gene:

I had my first report of an adult periodical cicada emerging in Madeira, a suburb of Cincinnati today. So the early ones are starting.

Read the news story.

May 3, 2008

The latest 17 year cicada news

Filed under: Brood XIV — Dan @ 8:41 am

Cicadas attending the Kentucky Derby (Minyanville)?

A 13 image slide-show of Magicicada photos (Citizen-Times).

Cicadas coming to Warren County, Kentucky (Bowling Green Daily News).

Cicadas ready to croon in Cincinnati (The Enquirer).

Matt Berger’s Cicada Experiment Continues

Filed under: Brood XIV | Magicicada | Matt Berger — Dan @ 8:11 am

Earlier I wrote about Matt Berger’s experiment to coerce a nymph to emerge as an adult in captivity. The experiment worked.

Here’s the latest pictures. The cicada has assumed its final, black-colored adult form:



April 30, 2008

The first adult Magicicada

Filed under: Brood XIV | Magicicada | Matt Berger | Periodical — Dan @ 9:28 pm

Matt Berger was able to coerce a cicada nymph to enter the adult phase (instar) by raising it indoors (where it is warmer). Congratulations to Matt!

I took a Brood XIV nymph i found under a rock about a week ago, put some soil in a pot, poked a cicada sized hole in the soil and let the cicada burrow in. I wanted to see if I could make them emerge early. I put it in my house where it is warm. It worked! I now have a male (im guessing M. cassini) that just emerged from that hole and shed his skin and is now drying. Probably the first Magicicada to emerge all year! Earliest emergence I have ever heard of (even if it was assisted). Thought it might be interesting for Cicadamania.
Here are some pictures!

Here’s the nymph:


Here’s the adult leaving the nymph skin:


Here’s the teneral adult, still white in color (I will turn black soon enough):


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