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April 7, 2007

Broodmaps with Google Maps

Filed under: Magicicada — Dan @ 10:46 am

In my spare time (not a lot lately) I’ve been working on Google maps for plotting Magicicada Brood maps. I came up with a brood map for 2004 Brood X, but in it’s current state it’s very processor-intensive because it loads an XML file with about 300 entires, and each entry requires a call to Google. It’s not ready for “prime time” (still alpha, not even beta). I’m going to recode it to work off of longitude and latitude, and that should improve performance.

Hopefully people will mail us their 2007 Brood XIII sightings so I can build a Brood XIII map as well. I might even set up a form that lets people find their location on a map, and then submit it as longitude and latitude rather an actual address (for privacy reasons).

2004 Brood X map.
brood x map


  1. Dan says:

    They could be Brood XIV stragglers — Brood XIV is due next year in TN, and sometimes cicadas emerge a year or so early. Or your lawn care company aerated your lawn, which also leaves holes.

  2. Judy McClaran says:

    Dan, when I mowed my grass last weekend, I saw millions of small holes in the ground. They are everywhere, but to date I have not seen any cicadas. I live about 35 miles from downtown Nashville, TN and have had them before — just can’t remember when. I was thinking about 7 years ago. Could this be the year for the 13 year ones or what? Any info will be appreciated.

  3. Joe Green says:

    Dan, I noticed on your map that Tennessee has a Ballon on Shelebyville, TN. I went to this area an Know one had see them here.


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