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May 7, 2009

Brood II Stragglers Emerging in New Locations

Filed under: Brood II | Magicicada | Periodical Stragglers — Dan @ 5:48 am

John Zyla of has a report of a Brood II Magicicada (decim) found in Hollywood, St. Mary’s Co, MD.

If you find a cicada make sure you report it to Cicadas @ UCONN (formerly (Dr. John Cooley), and if in the Mid-Atlantic region report it to (John Zyla) as well.

I’m pretty psyched — looks like some Brood II stragglers might emerge in New Jersey.

Marlatt map of Brood II


  1. Tracy Lundell says:

    Found one on my patio. With wings, it measured 2.75″. Ughhh

  2. JoeBnva says:

    Found two freshly molted cicadas in my yard on 5-16-09, Manassas, Va.

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