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June 8, 2013

Brood II Magicicada photos from Scotch Plains, NJ

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Enjoy these Brood II Magicicada photos from Scotch Plans, NJ from Judy Lanfredi.

Click each thumbnail image for larger versions.

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  1. Barbara Lindemann says:

    this is great ! I’m so happy to see these photos and especially the location because I used to live in Scotch Plains New Jersey as a kid and I remember the Memorial Day Parade in 1962 when I march with my Girl Scout troops and the cicadas were everywhere !!! I calculated the year because I was in 5th grade. I did some math and realize that it was 51 years ago and 51 divided by 17 is exactly 3 !! so these are a continuation of the same cicada cycle that I saw so long ago!!! Wow! now I live on Long Island and unfortunately we don’t seem to have the periodic cicadas out here. only the annual ones . but fortunately my brother still lives in Scotch Plains and I am going there in a week and a half for my niece’s graduation . so I am very excited that I may get to see the mass emergence after all !!! Yay!

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