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May 6, 2009

Be on the look out for Brood II cicadas!

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Brood II isn’t set to emerge for 4 more years, however it appears that Brood II cicadas are emerging 4 years ahead of time in some places. See our previous post about the cicadas emerging in Greensboro NC.

Here’s a map of Brood II’s range.

If you do see or hear a Magicicada emerge this year, report it to Cicadas @ UCONN (formerly

And don’t forget to upload photos and video to your YouTubes, Flickrs, FaceBooks, MySpace, etc, and tell us about it.

Image of Magicicada:



  1. Dan says:

    That video is from Brood XIII in Chicago. There were decims about.

  2. Dave Marshall says:

    In listening to the audio on that tape I thought I could hear, at one point, the distinctive tone of overlapping M. septendecim songs. But it’s easy to be misled by background noise. It will be interesting if any of the readers of this site eventually report hearing such “chorusing” — because it’s the best sign of whether the emergence is leading to any successful reproduction or not.

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