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October 20, 2009

Australian Cicadas

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So it’s cicada time in Australia again — at least for the Green Grocers. Here’s every Australian cicada photo on the site:

  1. Orange Drummers (Thopha colorata) by Jodi.
  2. Double Drummer (Thopha saccata) by Kevin Lee.
  3. Another Double Drummer (Thopha saccata) by Kevin Lee.
  4. A Green Grocer (Cyclochila australasiae) by Kevin Lee.
  5. A box of Green Grocers (Cyclochila australasiae) by Kevin Lee.
  6. Green Grocer (Cyclochila australasiae) by Bron.
  7. A series of photos of a Green Grocer emerging into adulthood (Cyclochila australasiae) by George Dalidakis.
  8. White Knight / Black Prince by Kevin Lee.
  9. Masked Devil cicada (Cyclochila australasiae) by David Emery.
  10. White Drummer cicada (Arunta perulata) by David Emery.
  11. Redeye cicada (Psaltoda moerens) by David Emery.
  12. Cherry Nose cicada (Macrotristria angularis) by David Emery.
  13. Blue Moon (Cyclochila australasiae) by David Emery (found by his daughter).
  14. Diemeniana euronotiana by David Emery.
  15. Bagpipe cicada (Lembeja paradoxa) was taken by Timothy Emery.
  16. A Floury Baker (Abricta curvicosta) by Michelle Thompson.

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  1. Neville Sly says:

    The Blue Moon Cicada that you have on your website was discovered in the “90’s” by a young boy named Degan in Bargo NSW. We rang up the new insects department and told them about the cicada and told us that we were the first ones to discover it and that they would come out and photograph it but then said that someone else had found the same thing that was closer for them and they would photograph that one but we were still allowed to name it first. We called it Slyblue.

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