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Cicada T-shirts

March 12, 2021

Archive of Archie McPhee Cicada Toy Page

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Not the Lucky Cicada Keychain, but something else:

7 Year Chirp

10293. Cicadas.
$5.95 3 CARDS

The cicada may seem like a simple and annoying insect. After all, the last thing you need on a steaming hot day is to hear the grating buzz and shrill of the cicada trying to attract a mate. However, the life of the cicada is so fascinating that it deserves four paragraphs of scintillating information on the back of our fancy blistercard. More attractive than a roach, yet not quite as fancy as a moth, these black rubber cicadas are 2-1/2″ long, detailed in pale green with translucent, veiny wings. You get three packages of three cicadas each.

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Cicada T-shirts