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January 19, 2014

A visual comparison of some cicadas of Southeast Asia

Filed under: Angamiana | Becquartina | Gaeana | Platypleura | Tacua | Thailand | Tosena | Trengganua — Dan @ 3:58 pm

This is a photo of one of my displays at home. Some of the specimens aren’t in the best shape, but it is good enough to distinguish the species.

Angamiana floridula, Becquartina electa, Gaeana cheni, Gaeana festiva, Platypleura mira, Tacua speciosa, Tosena albata, Tosena melanoptera, Tosena paviei, and Trengganua sibylla are featured in the image.

A visual comparison of some cicadas of Southeast Asia


    1. Dan says:

      If it’s the yellow insect you messaged me on Facebook, it’s in fact a bee, not a cicada. Not sure what species.

  1. david emery says:

    The anti-febrile activity of cicada exuviae may be due to cystine proteases that upcouple the shell down the back and remain dried on the shell. Parasitic worms use the same trick after ingestion with grass in cattle and sheep to “exsheath” their protective coats once inside the animal.

  2. Eileen Gunning says:

    Great photo. I first learned of cicadas when studying Chinese herbal medicine Made some cicado casting tea for the HS “Earth Day” never thought anyone would drink it! But the kids kept coming back for more- saying it helpedtheir coughs!
    Amazing creatures!

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