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August 18, 2017

A new genus for North American Cicadetta species: Cicadettana

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A photo of a Cicadettana calliope calliope:
Cicadettana calliope photo taken by Paul Krombholz

New changes to the classification of the North American cicadas belonging to the genus Cicadetta have been published. The North American Cicadetta were found to be unrelated to the European Cicadetta (including the type species C. montana), so a new genus was needed. The new genus is Cicadettana. Research & paper by David Marshall and Kathy Hill.

Zootaxa page for the paper.

The generic classification of cicadas within the globally distributed tribe Cicadettini (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) has been challenging due to their often conservative morphology. A recent molecular analysis has indicated that the six North American taxa currently classified in Cicadetta are unrelated to the European type species of Cicadetta, C. montana Scopoli. Here we identify a set of diagnostic morphological characters for a new genus, which we distinguish from its closest relatives in Eurasia and Australasia.


  1. Michael Jarvis says:

    Been hearing cicada calls all around Glens Falls NY and Queensbury NY for the last couple of days. 8/25/17- present 8/27/17. Loud calls and they are on the move…

    1. Dan says:

      During the morning, they’re probably Neotibicen tibicen tibicen (Morning cicadas), during the mid-day, they’re probably Neotibicen lyricen (Lyric cicadas), and towards sunset and dusk Neotibicen linnei (Linne’s) and canicularis (Dog Day) are active.

  2. Dave says:

    This paper is not free to download. Anyone interested in a PDF copy can write to cicada [[at]]

    1. david emery says:

      Love a copy please Dave.Low hanging fruit brought to fruition!
      Dave Emery

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