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May 16, 2020

A cicada from Ecuador, probably Pachypsaltria sp. Photo by Rebecca van den Bogert

Filed under: Cicadatrini,Ecuador,Pachypsaltria — Dan @ 8:53 am

Rebecca van den Bogert shared this photo of a cicada from Ecuador.

Details: “Plaza de Ponchos” Marktet in Otovalo / April 19th 2007 / 2 p.m. / about 65 °F.

I’m reasonably certain it belongs to the genus Pachypsaltria, and might be Pachypsaltria cinctomaculata. I’m not 100% of that.

Rebecca van den Bogert - Ecuador
Photo by Rebecca van den Bogert. Original was cropped.

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  1. david emery says:

    yep Dan, Pachypsaltria cinctomaculata

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