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October 27, 2023

2024 Cicada Forecast

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2024 is the big year in the U.S.A. Two Magicicada Broods, Brood XIII (Thirteen) and Brood XIX (Nineteen) (the Great Southern Brood) will emerge in the United States.

2024 19x13

Brood XIX has a 13-year cycle, features four species, and is found in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. The biggest cites in Brood XIX are Nashville (TN), Charlotte (NC) and St. Louis (MO). Brood XIX will emerge before Brood XIII because it is mostly south of Brood XIII.

Brood XIII has a 17-year cycle, features three species, and is found in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The biggest city in Brood XIII is Chicago (IL), and the Lake County Forest Preserve in the suburbs of Chicago is a good place to visit for tourists.

Magicicada stragglers from other broods will likely emerge.

Protoperiodical cicadas: Emergences of protoperiodical cicadas depend on multiple factors including species, location, and cumulative rainfall, making it hard to predict when they will emerge. We can’t say exactly when they’ll emerge in your location. Protoperiodical species belonging to the genera Okanagana and Platypedia have years of great abundance but are not as predictable as Periodical cicadas like Magciciada. Platypedia in particular represent a “boon” to fly fishermen, as they send fish into a feeding frenzy. The best bet for protoperiodical cicadas is to tune into iNaturalist starting in the April-June.

Annual cicadas:

Cicadas that emerge annually have good and bad years, but at least a few will always emerge.

In the United States, the annual cicada emergences should happen like it did in 2023. Cicadas in southern locations will emerge first, with Quesda gigas emerging first. Look at the chart of the cicada sounds page for a calendar of annual cicada emergences.


Generally speaking, cicadas in the Northern hemisphere emerge somewhere between April and October, and in the Southern hemisphere, between September and March. In places closer to the equator, like Ecuador, you can have cicadas virtually all year long.

You can use iNaturalist to get an idea of which cicadas emerge in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America (includes the U.S.), and South America. You can also explore specific countries like Australia, Brazil, Japan and New Zealand.

Of course you can learn about cicadas by Species and Country on Cicada Mania. Just click and scroll. 🙂

I will surely add more to this page as the year progresses.

Here is the 2023 Forecast.


  1. Cameron says:

    My travel plans are booked for both broods!!

  2. Coleman says:

    This year I’m definitely going to try to capture one of those N. similaris from Central Louisiana. They shouldn’t be there, and I’m curious to see if there’s anything different about them. They are isolated by over 100 miles from any other populations of the species.

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