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December 31, 2022

2023 Cicada Forecast

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This is the Cicada Forecast for 2023. Visit the cicada forecast for 2024.


Periodical cicadas: No periodical cicadas in the United States, India, or Fiji are expected to emerge in 2023.

There is a chance of Brood XXII Magicicada stragglers emerging 4 years early in parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Read the paper Evolution and Geographic Extent of a Surprising Northern Disjunct Population of 13-Year Cicada Brood XXII (Hemiptera: Cicadidae, Magicicada). Spurious (small, unmapped) broods of Magicicada are possible.

Protoperiodical cicadas: Emergences of protoperiodical cicadas depend on multiple factors including species, location, and cumulative rainfall. Protoperiodical species belonging to the genera Okanagana and Platypedia have years of great abundance but are not as predictable as Periodical cicadas like Magciciada. We can’t say exactly when they’ll emerge in your location.

Scientists like Tim McNary track Platypedia putnami looking for a pattern in their emergences. Certain Okanagana emerge depending on factors like proximity to other species and rainfall accumulations (read Chatfield-Taylor 2020).

Both Periodical and Protoperiodical lifecycles appear to help these cicadas avoid total consumption by above-ground predators by overwhelming them in great numbers (too many to eat them all, so some always survive).

Annual cicadas: Most cicadas appear annually, so we expect most cicadas that emerged in 2022 to emerge in 2023.

Somewhat related: Dog-day cicadas (Neotibicen) are named for the time of year when the Dog-start Sirius first appears in sky. Depending on where you are in the U.S., latitudinally speaking, Sirius should enter the pre-dawn sky between July 29th (Key West, FL) and August 15th (Bangor Maine) give or take a day.

We can expect to see Cacama, Diceroprocta, Hadoa, Megatibicen, Neocicada, Neotibicen, and Quesada in North Amercia. Europe can expect Cicada orni, Lyristes, and Many other species. Japan can expect Auritibicen, Hyalessa, and many other species.

Countries in the southern hemisphere experience cicada-friendly weather September-March, so most locations in South America, Africa, southern Asia, Australia, and New Zealand that experience cicadas are in the midst of their cicada seasons at the start of 2023. Keep an eye on the latest cicada observations on iNaturalist.

While there are highs and lows in abundance, at least some annual emerge every year. Looking at how often people in Australia search for cicadas & cicada gives us a hint at how abundant cicadas are each year. Do you see a pattern?

Google Trends searches for Cicada & Cicadas in Australia:
Australia Data from 2012 to 2022

The future of cicadas on Earth: with each year the number of cicadas grows less and less. Cutting forests for giant warehouses, new neighborhoods, and even solar farms destroys cicada habitat. Spraying pesticides for invasive and nuisance insects eliminates cicadas as well as less desirable insects. Splitting woodland and meadows with new roads sub-divides cicada habitats and reduces their chance to meet and reproduce. If you see and hear fewer cicadas with each passing year, you know why.


  1. Julie Brown says:

    Last summer, 2023, I literally found about 300 cicada shells under our corkscrew willow tree. All within a week of each other but not at once. Some shells in the tree too. We had the dime size holes all over the ground under and near the tree. I wish I took a pic of the shells but they got composted. No one else in my area had any. Ardmore, Tennessee.

  2. Nats says:

    Hi, I’m from Pretoria, South Africa. 48 years old never known about these noisy creatures. Have many trees in and around our property. Is this summer (southern hemisphere Dec’23/Jan ’24) a particular year for Cicadas. They are all over and more noticeable both in sight and hearing.

  3. Philip M says:

    Glad I found this website. It has been very informative for a newbie living in New Zealand where It is now a new summer custom for the cicadas.
    In Jan 2023 at our property here we had a huge amount of cicadas pop up and they lasted between 3-4 weeks before dying back to the normal levels of cicadas that one would come across in the North island. I have never come across so many before, whilst living in New Zealand when I was younger or when visiting in the summer months.
    Could this year back in Jan be the 15-17 year Periodical Cicadas? Or a different bumper year for a different type of cicadas?
    It would be great to get your thoughts on this. Do let me know if I can give you any more information.

    1. Dan says:

      @Philip, in New Zealand it would be a bumper crop of another type of cicada. Here are examples of the types of cicadas that recently emerged in New Zealand.

  4. mary anne hall says:

    Gainesville Texas
    Big time out here !

  5. Judy Ostrower says:

    I live in Toronto, Canada. I look forward to hearing the cicadas every summer. This year I haven’t heard them and it makes me sad.

    1. Dan says:

      That is disappointing! I wonder why?

  6. Phil says:

    I live about six miles from Niagara Falls, and I have a tree in the back corner of my yard where the cicadas like to lay their eggs. So whenever they hatch, I have them everywhere, and I always check the tree to see how many are climbing the trunk or hanging on the low-hanging branches. A friend of mine had never seen one, and a rather large one was hanging out on the back of the house. He thought it was a huge horsefly and was going to kill it, but I stopped him and pointed out the eyes and explained that it was a cicada. “So what do we do with it?” “Leave it alone. It’s probably going to molt soon, so it won’t bother anyone.” Next morning, he thought he found a dead one, but it was just a molt. So I took him out to the back tree, and showed him that there were probably about a dozen of them at various points on the tree. They were singing, and he said he always wondered what made that noise. 53 years old, and his first cicada sighting.

    That was about two or three weeks ago. The temperature has dropped since, and I’m not hearing them as much.

    1. Dan says:

      Thanks for your comment. I like it a lot when people take the time to write out stories about cicadas.

  7. cassandra kress says:

    We have cicada sheds southern ohio. September 8th 2023.

  8. Sallly says:

    Cicadas in East Tennessee for a few weeks now. Big guy was hanging in our screened in porch last week. Loud and amazing!

  9. Kelli says:

    They are in Washington DC. Have seen a bunch the last couple days.

  10. Pam says:

    Been hearing them a lot here in Louisville,KY for 3 or 4 weeks. I haven’t seen any but haven’t looked for them either.

  11. CJ. says:

    They are in New Lexington Ohio pretty bad I find several shells as well as them alive all over my front and back porch. Several everyday. They are loud in the trees and holes all over my yard.

  12. PD says:

    These uglys are attracted to the lights from inside my house, banging into the screens. Soooo loud and kinda swarming (10) by the sliding door. I swept one away and it screetched at me to stop 🙂 September 4, 2023, 11:30pm

  13. Stephen Roberts says:

    Really singing here

  14. John says:

    They are currently in East Tennessee

  15. Darren porter says:

    Pretty good hatch right now in eastern ky

  16. Christina Gurchinoff says:

    S/B “they Or-gied” as in big Orgy in the tree tops. That is how I explain it to my friends.

  17. Christina Gurchinoff says:

    Eastern North Carolina. They’ve been here for at least 6 weeks. It seems like in prior years they came, they argued and left – all together. This year they are stretching it out. I’ve snapped pics of all the stages. I’ve seen skeletons but not as many as before. and I’m sure it quieted down then picked up again and right now is in TOP PITCH. This my 3rd year of being aware of them. I did a tiny research project and shared it on TikTok. I will do a little more in depth this year. 245pm finally got a break from hellacious hot and then sideways rain for 3 days. These boys are singing there little cicada hearts out. This is definitely as loud as I’ve heard them this year.

    A few minutes ago an insect that looked like a bee of some kind but shaped more like a hornet with very intense yellow white and black was looking for a place to land carrying a very fresh green, winged cicada. At first I thought it was a cicada. I kept it at bay from me with my rake which it landed on a couple times. He finally dropped his cicada in the leaves I raked and took off! I swear it wanted me! Time to get to my project and here I am. Glad I found you.

    1. Darren porter says:

      Cicada killer…really…thats what it is called.

      1. Dan says:

        It’s true, and perfectly named.

  18. Danielle P says:

    9/1 New Castle, DE, I’ve heard them the past few days, they are so loud this morning. I found my first dead one yesterday, he was was pretty big and I find they fascinating to look out.

  19. Hilary Price says:

    Here in Connellsville, Pennsylvania September 2nd, 2023. Near my house there is a field where the ground is literally moving from all the cicada larva that are burrowing up out of the ground. They have Been coming out of the ground in that one field for about 3 days now; by the hundreds. Their are so many on the road its impossible not to step on them and squish them. Absolutely disgusting! I don’t know if it’s ground contamination forcing them out or if this is part of their life cycle and purely Instinct. They are gross though.

    1. Dan says:

      @Hillary — I need to see a photo of this. Please send one to

  20. Audrey Horter says:

    They are very loud in the mornings in Catonsville, MD!

  21. Mark Weeks says:

    They are really loud and filling up the trees here in Damascus, Md

  22. Andrew Workman says:

    Just found a dead one here in Craigsville Virgina today August 28, 2023. First evidence we’ve had this year in this particular area.

  23. Rodney J says:

    I live in the foothills just west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Heard the cicadas today for the first time this year.

  24. I live in Campobello south Carolina there pretty loud here had one in my garage tried to let it go it try to stay seen a few shells left around the yard

  25. Laurie Mcwhirter says:

    They are here and so loud they sound like an orchestra, in coastal southwestern N.C.
    They like to make them selves known just before dark here!!

  26. Chris says:

    I love cicadas and nature. But gosh it’s a shame that we are encouraging human flourishing by building roads and businesses and places for people to live. We should all just pile together somewhere so we don’t have to cut down any more trees.

  27. Cara says:

    Catonsville Maryland has had them for about a week. Quite loud today.

  28. Amy R Anderson says:

    I’m in the Lehigh Valley and I’ve been hearing them for everyday since Tuesday.

  29. Kay says:

    We’re in southern Indiana and have noticed quite a decline over the years in both periodic and annual broods (really all insects). This year I’ve seen maybe 3 or 4 annuals and I hardly hear them. When I was young, there were thousands and the forest practically roared at night. It’s a shame what we’re doing to our irreplaceable ecosystems.

  30. DC Barricella says:

    I just took a picture of one molting on August 18, 2023 in Pittsburgh PA. Are we sure they aren’t coming out this year?

    1. Dan says:

      The annual types are out this year.

    2. Stephanie B. says:

      I have been seeing them last few days, with today 8/25/23 being the most. 7 plus at my backdoor in city alone.

  31. Debbie says:

    Here in Bristow, Virginia!!

  32. Kimberly VanCleave says:

    It’s 6 AM in Omaha and the sound of cicadas is absolutely deafening. Has been for about 5 days now. No peace here…definitely no an absence, but an influx. Started hearing them here end of June. Not an average year by any means.

    1. DCreed says:

      The past two weeks have been very loud with locust sounds here in northeast Kansas! I’ve checked the ground around two large oak trees and found at least 40 exoskeletons! Love it!

  33. C J Noel says:

    I found an exoskeleton 2 days ago and today there was in lying lifeless on the patio. Our puppy found it and seemed to bring it back to life! He buzzed off in a hurry. They’re very loud tonight in Waukesha, Wisconsin!

    1. Karen L Summers says:

      They are very loud here in Lancaster, Wisconsin also. My husky likes to pick them up and carry them around. She also brings them into the house with her if I’m not paying attention.

    2. C Hass says:

      I’m here in NW Wisconsin and yes…they’re definitely here!!
      Love the orchestra!!!

  34. Bob says:

    Not sure of their identity, but we have a brood this year in mid city Columbus, OH beginning about August 10th. We do not get the 17-year brrod in this part of town.

  35. Mark W. says:

    I’m in Union County, NJ, and after having been underwhelmed here by Brood X two years back, the cicadas have been surprisingly abundant and loud the last month or so – and I’m loving it! It’s always been the “Sound of Summer” for me.

    We had houseguests from the U.K. for a couple of weeks, and they had never heard – or heard of – cicadas, and were amazed to hear about the periodical broods and fascinated by the sound 😉 I’ve since researched and discovered there was only one cicada species in England, the New Forest cicada, but it’s extremely endangered and possibly extinct, the last confirmed sighting being in the 1990’s. And unlike our beloved species, their call is at the very upper limit of numan hearing and difficult to detect.

      1. Mark W. says:

        Cool, thanks for the additional local info – I didn’t realize I was hearing differing types at different times of the day – I guess I’m not fluent in cicada, they all sound pretty much the same to me!

  36. Susan Young says:

    Super loud and singing in Seale, Alabama. We live in a very rural area. Lots of oak trees!!! Found live ones by the pool yesterday morning!

  37. Lyn P says:

    No cicadas? Louisville KY is noisy and covered with the dry husks of those rascals.

    1. Audrey W says:

      I agree; lots in Richmond, KY. I started noticing yesterday and today.

  38. Bruce Patterson says:

    cicada buzzing in Windsor ontario

  39. Kathy says:

    Super loud cicadas in Spartanburg county SC today!

    1. Pixi says:

      Cicadas are very loud in Lexington county today, august 26, 10:37 am

  40. Jeanne says:

    We have plenty in Wallingford CT. Have seen 3 dead in the yard and just had one on the deck. Very loud everyday.

  41. Pedro says:

    Have them in my back yard, nice and loud Galloway OH

  42. Denise Wiese says:

    Very loud in the S. Illinois Mississippi River Valley this evening!

  43. Dee Fitzpatrick says:

    There was a cicada walking around on my front step this morning. It was pale green with no markings. There were two exoskeletons on the side of the step. I don’t remember ever seeing this so late in the summer. The cicada didn’t seem to be able to fly and seemed a bit sluggish. I live in Bear, Delaware.

  44. Jackie says:

    The cicadas are pretty loud here in Baltimore, MD. It’s 10 a.m.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Yes they are I’m also in baltimore md and I have them in my oak trees they are loud!!

  45. Dom says:

    Just found a dead Cicada on my deck in North Haven, CT

    1. Carrie Burroughs says:

      Good Morning from Havelock, North Carolina. We have found empty shells and several dead but many more in the woods behind our home. The cat has been entertained by the ones that had fallen on the patio and the wild birds are pleasantly fluttering away. The off button on the Cicada has been activated at the moment.

  46. CL says:

    Me an my Son found one on August 17th 2023 in Smyrna Tennessee

  47. CL says:

    Me an my found one on August 17th 2023 in Smyrna Tennessee

  48. Old joe says:

    Quite a lot of cicadas over the last few weeks in northern Alabama. It’s pretty loud out in the yard today!

    1. Dan says:

      That is “music to my ears”. 🙂

  49. Amanda says:

    Lorain OH, I saw a single cicada yesterday still in its shell, walking across the sidewalk.

  50. Lisa jones says:

    I found a dead cicada on my porch 2 days ago in North Louisiana.this morning I found 1 clinging to elephant ear stalk under my pistachio tree. I took a short video. I think it may be just out of its shell.

  51. Angela E Ramirez says:

    I’m sitting looking at one now, attached to my screen here in Daytona beach. It’s been coming almost everyday for maybe a week or so. I’ve tried getting a close up but it won’t allow me to get to close. I can see why this maybe one reason they have such a long life span.

  52. Tina Mitts says:

    I have them here in western pa so they are here 2023 . Due to climate change your wrong I can provide photos because my dogs are having a field day catching them to hear them scretch like a rabbit or rat

    1. J Arview says:

      We have then here in Bells TN which is Weat TN big time this year. Climate change is throwing things upside down.

    2. J Arview says:

      We have them here in Bells TN which is West TN big time this year. Climate change is throwing things upside down.

    3. Lisa Baran says:

      I am on the Bay outside of Atlantic City and I have one outside on my den screen.

  53. Teresa says:

    I live in Dayton Ohio and just saw a cicada literally come out of his shell attached to my patio door frame ,, what does this mean ?

  54. Stephy says:

    We could hear very loud cicadas in Prescott, Az. in the afternoon and before dark.

  55. Jen Trinka says:

    Annual cicadas are singing away in Southeast Missouri. I motive they are truly not a anundant as in may youth.

  56. James Mitchell says:

    Carlisle, Kentucky USA
    Been seeing one or two skeletons on trees around my house for a week or so. Came out this mourning and the cicadas were singing away, quite loudly as usual! Wondered what brood it was but none scheduled for my area this year. Read on here that they are stragglers from last year or so. I know the last brood that was supposed to come out was no where as heavy as I remember as a youth 50+ years ago. Makes me wonder if my grandkids children will even be able to hear and see cicadas in their generation. I remember when my grandfather would get us kids to help him catch cicadas for fish bait when they came out. My how times have changed. Now you do not see enough to catch for bait during scheduled years !

  57. Nancy says:

    Chattering away in Ossining, NY on 8/10/23. Neighbors new dog is super intrigued!

  58. Alexandra Bowden says:

    I love in MD and haven’t heard a single annual cicada this year. It makes me sad.

  59. Shannon McCoy says:

    Coshocton County, Ohio
    Came outside to find a nice molt (1) attached to the outside framing of a sliding door which prompted me to look up the information found on this website. It was funny because almost as on cue, I said to myself cicada? And I heard a singular screeching chirp immediately after from the nearby woodline lol

  60. Buddy Jenkins says:

    York County SC has nice moulting underway.

  61. Susanna says:

    I love them. When I emigrated to the United States 16 years ago I couldn’t believe the first time I heard their sound, I had no idea what it was. Now I look forward to them every year. I just found one sitting on my door here in southeast Pennsylvania. I actually took a picture of its beauty.

  62. Laura Z says:

    They are still in trees in North Chattanooga. But friend lives in Trion GA and said they left the trees one day while she was out this week.

  63. Annie Foster says:

    My dog, also has been eating them. ????
    She is a 6 pound Pomeranian Foxy’s Pup, so- size wise it’s like us eating an entire Turkey.

  64. Debra says:

    Sorry, forgot to add im about 45 miles south of Buffalo, New York.

  65. Debra says:

    Saw a shell a month ago by my house but now have seen my first cicacada this year by my drive way at 2:50 this afternoon. My grandson spotted it first as he has better eyes so it was good to share this with him and my stories from my youth about cicadas.

  66. Maureen M White says:

    I saw my first cicada on July 31st around 9:00 p.m. in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It was crawling around in the grass and I was taken by surprise. Actually a couple of weeks earlier I saw the shell of a cicada attached to an iris leaf but I never saw the emerged cicada

  67. Joe says:

    I just saw my first cicada of the year 3 miles west of Delhi Louisiana this morning.

  68. Sean says:

    Saw my first one of the year this morning in a rural area of Pickens County, SC

  69. Michael Scavnicky says:

    There are a small group of cicadas that have around for the past week in Elyria, Ohio

  70. I live in SW of Ft. Worth, TX and we are currently having over 100 F’ every day and no rain. I am finding dead cicadas every where on the sidewalk, back porch, drive way. I have never seen them lying dead everywhere and I don’t spray insecticides. Many people around this area are noticing this same thing.

    1. Robin says:

      Me, too! I’m in Arlington, and I’m used to the exoskeletons. But this year there are dead ones all over the place every morning.

  71. Eric says:

    There’s no loss of them here in Spring Hill, TN.! They’re so loud outside right now and last night I didn’t even hear my wife pull into to driveway. They drown out everything! Love it thanks to God for their song and his beautiful creation!

    1. Melissa says:

      Since yesterday here in Memphis- it’s gotten quite and I have also seen lots of dead cicadas lying around. But the quietness is kinda freezing me out. Since they are always so loud. The hot weather is defiantly going to move them.

  72. JOHN C PARKER says:

    Hearing more cicadas this year in Virginia beach/Chesapeake area than we did in 2022 which was forecast a large hatching. Are these late bloomers or just regular yearly hatching?

    1. Basilio says:

      Las cigarras son muy lindas las estoy esperando

  73. My large pecan tree in Augusta GA has had singing cicadas for about 4 nights now. I love sitting on my screened porch listening to them.

  74. Halina Doncaster says:

    I live in Rockford,IL and have not yet heard any singing of any cicadas. It isn’t summer for me until they come out.

  75. david emery says:

    We probably are only guessing that cicadas are declining Dan, as each year we find new ones (in Oz anyway)

  76. Nadine Roddy says:

    It’s unusually quiet here in central Virginia (Charlottesville-Albemarle) this year. Normally by mid-July the trees are singing loudly in the afternoons and evenings. Thus far this summer I’ve only heard one cicada singing by himself in the early evening, and he didn’t sing for very long. Temps and humidity have been high, but we’ve had a lot of rain recently. Could that have an effect?

    1. Dan says:

      We had a similar weather pattern in the New Jersey area as well, but now they’re making up for lost time, so to speak. Cicadas emerge through to the first week of September in the VA area, so don’t give up yet.

      1. Nadine Roddy says:

        Thank you Dan!

    2. Katie says:

      I’m in Fredericksburg VA and they are singing like there’s no tomorrow. So much so that I looked up the pattern to see if this was normal. Albeit I sit on 5+ acres, but I did think it was strange how loud they became within a week. I’m currently sitting on my screened porch and that’s all you can hear! Funny how different it can be that close in Central VA

    3. Heather says:

      July 22nd in Staunton VA and still only one or two cicadas singing in the woods behind my yard. Very different year so far for cicadas and katydids. I only found this site and read the post from Albermarle because I was looking online for a possible explanation.

      1. Dan says:

        Let’s hope that changes. Looks like the Staunton, Virginia area of the Shenandoah Valley has at least Neotibicen tibicen tibicen (Linnaeus, 1758) aka Morning Cicada and Neotibicen lyricen engelhardti (Davis, 1910) aka Dark Lyric Cicada.

  77. Amy Davey says:

    I took my dog out around 3 am and made the wonderful discovery of a swamp cicada just having hatched from its shell. The shell was hanging on my backdoor frame with a beautiful green-winged specimen sitting on top. First time in my 56 years that I’ve ever seen this! I sold my house 12 hours earlier and would like to think the cicada came to me to signify positive change. ????????????

    1. Dan says:

      Cicadas do symbolize positive change. Good luck!

  78. Marsha Robinson says:

    They are alive and well in Dallas/Fort Worth….they love my yard, I think I have my own private brood.

    1. Dan says:

      Glad to hear that. I used to travel to Dallas on business, and I enjoyed listening to the Megatibicen resh (Haldeman, 1852) aka Resh Cicada sing at dusk in Pioneer Plaza.

    2. Kim says:

      Very much alive and well in East Texas!

  79. Jan says:

    I did not see, but certainly heard cicadas in my backyard tonight here in Brandon Fl. For some reason, I find it soothing. It’s 830pm 89 degrees with 71% humidity.

    1. Dan says:

      That is perfect cicada weather! Looks like Megatibicen resonans (Walker, 1850) aka Southern Resonant Cicada and Neocicada hieroglyphica aka Hieroglyphic Cicada are the two most frequently spotted cicadas in your area.

  80. Brent T says:

    They are singing the song of their people here in Colorado Springs

    1. Dan says:

      Nice! Looks like the Okanagana type cicadas are abundant in your area.

  81. Roberta Burns says:

    We have one hanging put on our porch. Blackshear GA. I have a great picture

    1. Dan says:

      You’re always welcome to share photos using our email, or with the Cicada Discussion, Science and Study Group, or with a link to a social media post. Looks like you have Neotibicen tibicen tibicen (Linnaeus, 1758) aka Morning Cicada and Megatibicen resonans (Walker, 1850) aka Southern Resonant Cicada in your area. More types for sure.

  82. Lyric Malkin says:

    Seem to be having a sizable brood emerge in my back yard in west TN. Unfortunately for them, my dogs are playing with and eating a fair number of them.

    1. Dan says:

      Here’s a list of ordinary cicadas found in Tennessee: Common cicadas of Tennessee

    2. Annie Foster says:

      We have seen a few shells every year, here in Pike Road, Alabama.
      We are a little suburb of Montgomery. My husband used to save the shells on the back porch.
      The first 16 years, beginning in 2006 when we moved in; We only saw one or two each year.
      This year has been absolutely crazy!! I find tons of shells, and now (unfortunately) numerous dead ones in my pool skimmer basket.
      I saw what I thought was a dead one in my pool, yesterday. I grabbed my net to get it out, but when I had it on the net, it immediately flew away. It was beautiful.
      Why in the world would we have so many this year, after 16 years of very few!

    3. Annie Foster says:

      My tiny 6 pound dog has started eating them too.

      1. Dan says:

        I’m shocked!

  83. Lisa says:

    Heard my first cicada yesterday july18th in Buffalo

    1. Kathleen McAlister says:

      The cicadas in south east Michigan are very loud, right now

  84. J Thomas says:

    I was out at midnight this morning enjoying the cool of the evening and thinking how quaint peaceful the night sky sounds almost to quiet like the beginning of fall. Then my mind reminds me June and July are never this quiet. Where are are of the summer sounds. Its soooooo quiet out here. Seems to be no cicadas or katydids. Barely any lighting bugs etc. But I know things have been changing here in Atlantic County for many years, snow fall, hurricanes, down pore clouds will rain only a few minutes then fizzle up and go away. Snow now seems amazing when it snows for more then a few hours and a patch here or there of leaves has snow on it. My youngest at 12 can’t understand I remember when it still snowed in April. Blueberries didnt sem to come out until mid July. Strawberries this year, well one farmer friend only had private sales, no public picking and the crop barely was the the end of June. Well God is in control and the Lord is soon returning as promised.

    1. Brother Tim says:

      Try swinging through Alabama. The little buggers seem noisier than usual this year here in the MTG. Must be regional variation, we’re not due for Brood XIX until next year…

      1. Dan says:

        Alabama has many types of cicadas. Here’s a list (with the Periodical types at the bottom of the page) Common cicadas of Alabama

    2. Dan says:

      Atlantic County should have most cicadas found in New Jersey Common cicadas of New Jersey, except for the Okanagana and Magicicada types. I was in nearby Burlington County last week and heard most of them. The weather affects their emergences in the short and long term (hurricanes can destroy trees).

  85. Greg says:

    They are singing here in Dallas, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta.) They bring back camping memories from my childhood. Happy sounds and happy memories!

    1. Susan Phillips says:

      Upson county Georgia has a very loud presence

  86. Delilah says:

    Heard some this evening in my backyard here in Ypsilanti Michigan

  87. Eric says:

    I’m hearing the first beautiful crescendo of annual cicadas here in Harlem (NYC) today. It’s sunny, 89F, 51% humidity, if that’s relevant.

    1. MEGAN L MURRAY says:

      Yeah the cicadas hatched here in Rogersville Tennessee too, 1 year early- along with the solar cycle too. Everything is off by a year.

    2. Lisa says:

      Kilmarnick VA. Cicada mania out here! They’ve arrived and what a cacophany!

  88. Joseph Pink says:

    I just heard the first cicadas here in Rittman Ohio just SW of Akron it is July 17th at 1:30 pm. the temp is 82. I was out last night until 10 pm and did not hear them then.

    1. Dan says:

      Nice! Glad to hear that you’re starting to hear them.

  89. Tamie Stalder says:

    Just heard the first one here in Athens Ohio

  90. I just walked into my kitchen 10 minutes ago and heard cicadas outside! I just knew it was the first time for this year. I love their sounding and their presence. A definite connection to nature and childhood.

  91. Heather says:

    Walked out of my house today around 11am, July 17, 2023, to loads of them flying around my front yard and bouncing off my house. I’m in Coshocton, Ohio

    1. Dan says:

      Wow! You’re lucky!

  92. Heather says:

    Walked out of my house today around 11am, July 17, 2023, to loads of them flying around my front yard and bouncing off my hous

  93. Laura Zarboni says:

    Trees here in North Chattanooga On Cloverdale Loop are full of singing all the past week. We killed 2 in our garage.

  94. Stacy says:

    Hearing the cicada symphony in central PA. Sounds of summer! Love the music of nature. ????

  95. Cicadas emerged in Franklin County, Pennsylvania today.

    1. Dan says:

      Thanks for letting us know!

  96. Ron says:

    This year I noticed there were virtually no cicadas in my neighborhood, until today, July 16, 2023. I live in Clayton, Ohio about a mile south of Interstate 70 northwest of Dayton. Each year they typically come out in force the last week of June. I keep track of this. June 27 is usually when they start chattering and you hear them everywhere all day long. This year took much longer for them to emerge, but there aren’t nearly as many so far. Does anyone know why they emerged so late this year?

    1. Michael MAGA says:

      Hmmm. Ecological effects of the train derailment maybe?

  97. Cassie says:

    I’m near Cleveland, Ohio
    I just saw one in my backyard.. all dirty climbing in the grass! Never saw a fresh one like that. It’s almost 8 pm on July 13th, 2023. Of course I had to take some pics and video! 🙂

  98. Stephanie Snyder says:

    Definitely here in Bellevue,Ky

  99. Patti R. says:

    Definitely hearing them loudly every night this week just south of Nashville, TN.

  100. Susie lee says:

    I didn’t know what they were. Had I new fresh dirt pile that def wasn’t a mole. Weird color of dirt. There was a dead bug by it. I went to spread the dirt out, and one came after me and my pup. Just a few minutes ago I went out and a new pile was there and a bug scurried back into the whole. Will they bite you? Also is that the loud noise I’m hearing at night? Kinda creeped me out

  101. Dar Horn says:

    I saw one that had just emerged around noon today (July 11). I’m in Southwest Minneapolis. I don’t know the species.

  102. Nora Martinez says:

    Nature is so good. Cicadas sounds in Carrollton Texas.
    Hottest day & we saw a dead one.
    Taking notes 17 years ago we had these special Cicadas in the East.

  103. Lorene Fite says:

    Pretty sure I had a dying one this morning in Cincinnati ohio

    1. Mark Eltzroth says:

      I think you’re right because something cicada-sized hit me in the face while biking around UC last night.

      1. Owen says:

        Sitting outside to work this morning and can hear the cicadas starting to hum! They’re definitely in Cincy!

  104. Cindy McLean says:

    We just seen one dead on our back porch. We have never seen them here in Randle, Washington before.

  105. Tohm A. Debus says:

    Still no buzz in the air here in Buffalo even though it’s been in the 80s/90s for several weeks. Hope to hear them soon!

  106. A says:

    More cicadas than usual here in NC! Any idea why?

  107. Shelley Hodge says:

    Just heard the loudest cicada I’ve ever heard! Sitting on the front porch in the little town of Kenova, West Virginia, outside of Huntington, by the Ohio River.

  108. todd a hubbard says:

    Hearing 2 different cicadas in Osage county Kansas. Any ideas which varieties? July 6 2023

  109. Laura Hirschfeld says:

    I just started hearing them this morning in Baltimore, MD.

  110. Eric says:

    They have been louder than I ever remember throughout June at my duplex in Bryan, Texas. They were singing all day, getting into the house and getting chased by the cat a few days ago. Now, it’s July 5th and they are all gone.

  111. Margie says:

    Hearing every night in Birmingham,Al Huffman area. Coming from my across the street neighbors yard. Loud but not as loud during as past years.

  112. Liz says:

    Near west suburb of Chicago. 8 miles from downtown. 1 very noisy cicada outside this evening. First one I have heard

  113. Stacy Hipskind says:

    Heard my first cicada today in Minnesota.

  114. Gloria says:

    SW Oregon – have had quite a few in the past couple weeks – but not like years with periodicals (less holes in the ground and less skeletons – but enough to be quite noisy)

  115. Cicadas are singing away in Oaks-Magnolias behind the Univ South Carolina Law School building.

  116. jaybee says:

    found several in minneapolis, mn this week

  117. Jeff says:

    Heard my first cicada on June 24th in southern Illinois near st louis Kind of early this year.

  118. Tracy Hudack says:

    I have found around 50 exoskeletons attached to the brick, fences and even grass around my house. Why so many this year?

    1. Dan says:

      What is your location?

      Certain species have better years than others, particularly the Platypedia, Okanagana, and Diceroprocta.

  119. Sara says:

    I’m in north Mississippi and I started hearing the familiar sound last night (6/21/23) and sure enough, found a large one in my pool just now. Brown and black body, dark eyes, green around the wings.

    1. Erin says:

      Central Mississippi here. Sitting on my back deck with my dogs and thinking “gosh its loud outside today” and then realizing Im hearing tons of cicadas.

      1. Brenda E Hocutt says:

        Here too!

  120. Condy says:

    12am..For the past few mornings, I have heard multiple Cicadas in my Oak tree. Tyler Texas area.

  121. BrutusBear says:

    Austin, TX. Found a shell in my front porch, attached to the side of my house last evening.

    1. Sara says:

      I’ve seen three shells in the last week in Tupelo, MS and sure enough found a full grown cicada in my pool just now.

  122. C.B. says:

    Just found one outside my door in Biloxi MS… Be on the lookout.

  123. three dawgs says:

    I always, for the past few years, have looked forward to the coming of the cicadas because of their soothing mesmerizing sounds of summer. I can set on my back porch and be completely lulled and relaxed by their sounds.

  124. Claire says:

    SW of Katy TX. The cicadas are making themselves known at the moment. Noisy! 🙂

  125. James Clark says:

    Sitting out back this evening listening to several cicada here in the Morgan City area of North Alabama

  126. Carol kluge says:

    I have shells all around my tree now in Central Illinois. Are they early or really late?

    1. Dan says:

      @Carol. One year early.

  127. Jeff says:

    I found several dozen shells at Harms woods in Glenview, Illinois a couple of days ago. These were smaller than our annuals and I also heard the grinding like song of a few. What are the best ways to know which species within BroodXIII these are?

    1. Dan says:

      Send a photo to and I’ll ID them.

  128. Jeff says:

    I found several dozen shells at Harms woods in Glenview, Illinois a couple of days ago. These were smaller than our annuals and I also heard the grinding like song of a few. What are the best ways to know if these are early Brood XIII vs other versions of the periodicals?

  129. Anne says:

    My house in Naperville, IL has cicadas. The robins are especially enjoying the bounty.

  130. Eralda Christensen says:

    The cicadas are out in SW OK!

  131. Brit says:

    On Monday May 29th 2023 I found a few emerged cicadas. They are black with red eyes. Found in Calamus, Iowa.

    1. Dan says:

      Cool! That’s a member of Brood XIII that emerged early. Get really for a whole lot more next year!

  132. Drath says:

    We just had some spring up today! Jacksonville FL. (5/29/23) Found a little guy fresh out of the shell last night on my back porch.

    1. Dan says:

      I wonder what type it was. Here is a list: Cicadas of FLORIDA

  133. Megosaurus says:

    It is May 22, at 8:24 pm in southeast Texas, the Houston area. I’m hearing the first cicadas of the year tonight!! I got so excited, I wanted to tell someone.

    1. three dawgs says:

      Yea, sounds like me

  134. Ralph says:

    Nashville, TN I got shells of them all up the outside of my apartment building. They were here in 1998, 2011, and looks like the exact same thing from then. Love these little guys.

  135. michael James says:

    Here in Madison,TN 37115,we are seeing a hatch of some type of periodic cidadas.Very small,hardly more than half an inch long. Periods of on and off rain for several days has brought them out. Just observed more than a dozen on plants by the front porch,some still not yet hatched. Any ideas what brood they might be?

    1. Dan says:

      Sounds like a Magicicada from Brood XIX that emerged a year early, based on the location.

  136. Anna says:

    * by one I meant a periodical cicada. Black body, red eyes, orange outlined wings. Super cool.

    1. Dan says:

      Cool. Looks like you found an early emerging cicada from Brood XIX.

  137. Anna says:

    My kids just found one in northern Georgia.

  138. Will Saunders says:

    I just caught photographed and released one of the little small black red eyed ones like emerged in ABUNDANCE here in Middle TN in 1994. Today is May 8th 2023

  139. chelsea says:

    I know this says no cicadas for NJ this year – but I’m still holding out hope! Love the sound. Happy Earth Day! <3

    1. Dan says:

      Well, there’s plenty of annual cicadas to look for. There’s just less of them.

    2. three dawgs says:

      They’ll be there

  140. Cameron says:

    I heard one time that Brood XIV is shrinking significantly. And that long past records used to have the brood in southern NJ. I heard it’s not the case anymore. I’m so curious to know if there were any in southern NJ in 2008…

    1. Dan says:

      Great question! As you know, I’m in New Jersey, but I missed Brood XIV because I went to Ohio instead.

      That said, Chris Simon found some in 1988 in a few locations in South Jersey. They still might be there, but probably not in great abundance. I don’t think anyone found them in 2008. I will look for them if I’m still in Jersey 2 years from now.

  141. Cameron says:

    I heard one time that Brood XIV is shrinking significantly. And that long past records used to have the brood in southern NJ. I heard it’s not the case anymore. I’m so curious to know if there were any in southern NJ in 2008…

  142. Deb Seabeck says:

    Living in Norton Ohio and today (April 10th) heard my first cicadas – how long will this last? Finally rid of tree frog concerts – now cicadas! Noise like that is not appreciated by hearing aid wearers. What is my forecast for cicada noise? Thank you for your input. This is new to me!

    1. Dan says:

      Too early for cicadas. They’re probably another species of frog. It’s too cold and the leaves on the trees aren’t out yet.

      1. Kelly C says:

        How early is too early for them in Southern Maryland? I think I’m listening to them outside my windows in the tree tonight right now. Never heard this noise before tonight. It’s so annoying. They weren’t there last night and now my peaceful evening has been interrupted by this horrible screeching(that’s the only thing I can think of to describe it, besides maybe a high frequency buzz from hell) lol. I’ve heard them before in large quantities from afar. Just not up close. Does this mean they are in this tree? Yikes! ????????????

        1. Dan says:

          Southern Maryland. Next year 2024 Brood XIX will be in the St. Inigoes area. in 2025, Brood XIV will be in the Hancock area, which I guess is more west than south.

  143. Will they eat my plants or snakes?

    1. Dan says:

      No to both, but they’ll drink sap from the roots of your plants like a milkshake.

  144. Toad Underhill says:

    I live in Atlanta Georgia USA, where we are experiencing record high temperatures this winter (as is to be expected given carbon emissions and global heating). Flowers are now blooming and insects emerging at least a month early, if not six weeks in some cases, and all at once, in an eerie profusion. Tonight it all reached an even more frightening level when I heard the year’s first annual cicada. My jaw dropped and I froze. It is still winter. We don’t usually expect cicadas to really start up here until around June.

    The living things and weather around us give us so many signs that the earth’s balance and rhythm is wildly thrown, it is easy to get numb. But winter cicadas – that got me. I love cicadas, gorgeous emblems of summer, but they’re not meant to be singing here yet. Our seasons are scrambled. I am so full of anger and despair. And the only thing I can think to do is to state WE HAVE WINTER CICADAS IN ATLANTA NOW for the record here, at the cicada website.

    Fellow cicada lovers: are you hearing your annual cicadas way out of season too?

    1. Dan says:

      Depends on the host plant. If the tree has leaves, cicadas will follow.

    2. Kris Kaven says:

      Thats crazy, Im expecting the same here in central Texas soon

    3. Cathy S says:

      I live in northern KY…we had flies here not this past winter but the one before..6 inches snow on ground and in the 20s,it was January…they were warming themselves on my brick house kept seeing them for most of the winter…climate change

  145. Zain Al-Shemmeri says:

    Once the summer arrives I will be on the lookout for cicadas. Hope I find a linnei!

    1. Coleman says:

      Me too, the apparently live in my state, but I’ve never seen or heard one, so I’m unsure.

      1. Cathy S says:

        Northern Kentucky here,just hearing cicadas here tonight,was a bit surprised they started getting loud about 7pm

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