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December 31, 2004

More Brood X Cicada Articles

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Reminiscing about the Brood X emergence of 2004:

X: sounds, pictures and info from the Princeton emergence.

Merriam Webster released their top 10 words of 2004. Cicada is number 6!

NPR Audio Essay: Listen to Hearing Cicadian Rhythms, an essay by Naomi Lewin (scroll down the page to find it).

Princeton: Bugging the bugs: Students collect data on cicadas.

During the next few weeks — as these “Brood X” cicadas emerge from 17 years of subterranean growth and play out their brief but noisy above-ground mating ritual — Princeton students will investigate a range of questions about how the insects behave and interact with the environment.

Golf: Muirfield the summer home this year for cicadas. Cicadas disrupting pro golfers. (thx b1nge).

“I thought we had some big bugs in Africa, but these things …” Ernie Els said.

Golf: A New York Times article about how the cicadas are making life miserable for pro golfers. Awwww. (thx AJay).

Usually, the biggest problem during the week of the Memorial Tournament is rain. This year, the biggest problem could be insects.

NPR: The Cicadas Are Coming!.

esidents of Washington, D.C., and 15 states — from Georgia to Michigan to New York — are awaiting a massive, boisterous grand entrance. A group of cicadas that only emerges once every 17 years is making its way out of the ground — by the billions, at least.

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