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March 29, 2007

Magicicada Photos and Video from Previous Years

Filed under: Magicicada — Dan @ 7:50 pm

Folks awaiting the Brood XIII 2007 Magicicada emergence should take a looks at these photos and videos to see what they can look forward to:

There’s plenty more in the gallery.


  1. Karyen says:

    okay…so there is a lot of them this year…is it okay for me to kill them? cuz i dot really like them? or are

  2. Donna A. Denney says:

    Thanks! This is great stuff! I am a Science teacher…my first grade class will enjoy the information and pictures from this sight. We live in Chicago and I want to prepare them before the Cicadas emerge so it is a positive experience for them!
    Donna Denney

  3. alexis says:

    The emergence of periodical cicadas or 17-year locusts of the genus Magicicada has been observed in the eastern woodland areas of the United States since 1633 or 1634 when the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony first encountered them. At this early date the cicadas came out of the ground in the spring and made the woods ring with their ‘singing’, according to Moreton. The colonists had never seen such insects but the Amerindians had, and predicted that pestilent fever would follow. The cicadas ‘sang’, mated, layed their eggs, and died, and as the hot summer wore on the fevers came, killing many of the colonists and Indians alike. In the autumn the pestilence abated, but it reappeared the following year. The Pilgrim ‘flies’ or ‘locusts’, however, were not seen again until 1651. They have since appeared as if regulated by clockworks every 17 years down to the last recorded emergence in 1974. Fortunately, the last correlation with pestilent fevers has not proven constant.”

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