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August 25, 2005

Cicada video from Buggin with Ruud

Filed under: Pop Culture — Dan @ 4:48 am

The Animal Planet has a new TV show called Buggin’ with Ruud.

From the Animal Planet website:

Perhaps more than any human on earth, Ruud Kleinpaste knows what it’s like to be a bug. Studying the world of insects has become his life’s work and passion. He has written books and countless columns, appeared on radio and television shows, researched tirelessly and put his own body to the test to report on the important role bugs play in the world. Animal Planet’s series, BUGGIN’ WITH RUUD, is a dream come true for Kleinpaste, as he ventures to entertain and educate millions of viewers about bugs large and small.

Sample this fantastic video of Ruud explaining how cicadas make their sound (thanks Roy).

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  1. Dakota Sager says:

    Your shows are cool!I can’t wait for the next show.What is your favorite bug/animal?My favorite
    animal is a dog.My favorite bug is the Hissing Cockroch.Well I have to go now so I hope you have
    a next great adventure!

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