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May 20, 2004

Cicada News for 5/20/2004

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WAVE 3 Cicada Invasion Begins In Kentuckiana. (thx Roy).

We’ve been warning you over the last couple of weeks about the invasion of the 17-year cicada. Well, they’re now being spotted by homeowners throughout Kentuckiana.

Cornell Chronicle Finger Lakes cicadas’ demise shows how urbanization devastates brood. (thx Roy).

Any day now, “Brood X,” the largest, most prolific brood of 17-year cicadas, will emerge from the ground and cut a swath across the Eastern seaboard. But many won’t even make it to the surface: While the cicada nymphs have been developing into adults underground, their habitats have been paved over by parking lots, enormous shopping malls and large tracts of homes. Trillions of bugs to invade USA. (thx Roy).

Trillions of insects are set to invade the eastern US as they burst from the earth after 17 years underground.

Cicada Mania was interviewed for and featured in this New
York Times article

PRINCETON, N.J., May 18 – The cicadas are back. Or, since they’ve never actually left – just dropped out of sight – they’re out again.

Cicada fun fact: when they die, they smell really bad — kind of like "land shrimp".

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