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April 7, 2004

Cicada News for 4/7/2004

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SavannahNOW: Cicada invasion ready to begin 04-05-04

In about six weeks, the largest group of cicadas in 17 years will pop up in portions of 15 states, including north Georgia, and there is little residents can do to brace for the flying, noisy insects, experts said.

New York Times: After 17 Years, They’re Back, and in the Mood for Love

TERRIFYING creatures from a lost age strike from the depths of the earth!

In 1956, those words were used to describe ”The Mole People,” a sci-fi horror film about an ill-fated encounter with a subterranean civilization. But they might apply just as well today to a production coming soon to lawns across the Eastern United States: the invasion of Brood X. A fun Plague.

They are totally harmless, neither stinging nor biting. But, boy do they make a racket. It was great sport for the boys to toss them on the girls to hear them scream or to shake hands with someone while palming a locust.

Cincinnati.Com: Be cicada savvy (thx Roy).

Garden pests are inevitable, but with a little effort you can protect your landscape from deer, moles, rabbits and … cicadas.

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