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April 27, 2004

Cicada News for 4/27/2004

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The Washington Post’s Express is available online as a PDF Dowload it and read Helen Fields’ "Cicada Survival Guide".

National Geographic News: Cicada Fiestas: Top Places To Bug Out (thx Roy).

Some people just couldn’t wait to meet the cicadas of Brood X—even if it meant traveling hundreds of miles.

Baltimore Sun heading: Ick! ‘Looks Like A Bumper Crop (thx Roy).

With uncanny mathematical precision, and with sex on their minds, millions of red-eyed cicadas that last saw daylight in 1987 are poised just beneath the Maryland soil, raring to wriggle out, raise hell, make love and die, carpeting the ground with rotting carcasses.

The Cincinnati Enquirer: Cicadas: Few Can Forget The Invasion Of ’87 (thx Roy).

They’ll be here in no time at all: 5 billion 17-year cicadas buzzin’ and hummin’ all over the place. Look for them to emerge from Cincinnati’s underground sometime between May 17 and 21.

TerraDaily: After a 17 Year Wait, Milllions of Locust-like Insects To Swarm Parts Of The… (thx Roy).

Locust-like insects called cicadas will make their appearance soon in biblical proportions across large swathes of the United States for about three weeks — only to vanish and re-appear again.

WFIE Evansville: Big Brood Of 17 Year Cicada’s Coming In May (thx Roy).

The last time they popped-up from the soil was around 1987. Ronald Reagan was president and the final episode of the A-Team was all the buzz. Some people remember the last invasion.

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