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April 15, 2004

Cicada News for 4/15/2004

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WTHR 13 Indianapolis: Here come the Cicadas (thx Roy).

The last time you heard it was 1987, and it’s a sound you’ll have to get used to. Here’s the buzz on cicadas, which are coming back this year. Museum makes much of cicada invasion (thx Roy).

Gene Kritsky, the Indiana Jones of cicadas, instituted the exhibit. The adjunct curator of entomology at the Museum Center has traveled the world to learn about and experiment on the noisy, red-eyed creatures, which he calls “close, personal friends.”

Cincinnati Enquirer: Advice to gardeners: Relax about those millions of bugs. Chill out, yo! (thx Roy).

The cicadas are coming. The cicadas are coming. Like phobic Chicken Littles, gardeners are whipping themselves into a needless frenzy in search of insecticides, repellents, anything to protect their greens. Cicadas Are Coming–But Shouldn’t Affect Horses. (thx Roy).

After a 17-year absence from Kentucky, one of the largest known broods of periodical cicadas will emerge this spring, and Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer is warning vineyard and fruit tree growers to be aware of the coming of “Brood X,” what entomologists have dubbed this year’s hatching. However, it doesn’t appear that the cicadas’ arrival should cause any harm to horses.

The Cincinnati Enquirer: Add an extra 1 million voices to the choir. (thx Cathy and Roy).

There will be about a million more 17-year cicadas will emerge from the ground and fill the trees of Southwest Ohio with waves of song than originally thought.

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