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May 27, 2004

Cicada News 5/27/2004

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Photos: The Great Washington, D.C. Cicada Invasion from John M. Esparolini.

Photos: Invasion of Cicadas & Friends: May 27th, 2004 – McLean, VA, from Norman Bercasio.

Photos: Brood X in Southern Indiana , from Janee.

These lovable (though somewhat creepy) creatures come out every 17 years, digging their way out from underground. In their 17th summer, they fly around, rather clumsily, mate, lay their eggs, and then die. Their above-ground show lasts about 6 weeks.’s cicada package: every Baltimore Sun cicada article, all on one convenient page! Includes
swat the cicada game. (thx Roy).

As the cicada season winds down, we bid farewell not just to Brood X but also to our loyal Buzz correspondents. Many thanks for your sometimes weird, occasionally icky but mostly delightful submissions. We’ll end the Cicada Chronicles of 2004 poetically — and since we hate goodbyes, we’ll end with not one but two poems.

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