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Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world.

April 30, 2004

Cicada News 4/30/2004

Filed under: Brood X,Magicicada,News,Periodical — Dan @ 5:30 pm Cicadas’ return signals a shrill summer season
Noisy bug to emerge in Ohio after 17-year hiatus
. We were interviewed for this one, but for the record, we didn’t say this: "And don’t worry if your dog, or even your child, eats one or two." (thx Jim and Roy).

The Cincinnati Enquirer: Cicadas gain ground, but slowly

Sporadic cicada sightings have been reported more than a dozen times last week to Dr. Gene Kritsky, a College of Mount St. Joseph biology professor and world-renowned cicada expert.

PR Newswire: Periodical Cicadas to Emerge in May; Brood 10 Will Emerge After 17 Years Underground

PA Agriculture Secretary Dennis
Wolff today said that the periodical cicada will emerge over much of
Pennsylvania beginning next month, after 17 years underground.

The Cincinnati Enquirer: Get cicada-ready with simple shrimp

And if other parents suspect I might be serving cicadas, that might reduce our expected cicada party guest list and my expected headache.

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