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Dedicated to cicadas, the most amazing insects in the world.

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June 21, 2007

Another Blue/White Eye Contest Winner

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Here’s a white eyed cicada from Grayson Martin.

White Eyed cicada

June 19, 2007

More Blue Eyed Cicada Contest Winners

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This entry was submitted by Elias Bonaros and Barbara Rzeszutek, taken in Deerfield, IL: Click the image for a larger version — do it!

blue eyed cicadas

This entry was submitted by Chris Owen, taken at Lemon Lake County Park in Cedar lake, IN:

blue eyed cicadas

Here’s a gallery of white and blue eyed cicadas.

June 12, 2007

3 Contest Winners

Filed under: Brood XIII,Eye Color,Magicicada — Dan @ 8:45 am

Here’s 3 Cicada Contest winners.

Jen Swofford in Highland Park, IL:
blue eyed cicada

Mark Muto in North Riverside, IL (click for larger version):

blue and red eyed cicadas

Sonja Kassebaum of Gurnee, IL (click for larger versions):

white and red eyed cicadas

yellow, red, orange

Blue Eyed Magicicada from Villa Park IL

Filed under: Brood XIII,Eye Color,Magicicada,Photos & Illustrations — Dan @ 8:13 am

Paula King’s son found this cicada in Villa Park, IL. In the picture they eyes are white, but Paula observed that the eye color would actually vacillate between blue and white over the course of time. That’s an important observation.

blue eyed cicada

Here’s another picture from Paula of a cicada with mustard colored eyes:

yellow eyed cicadas

See more images of Magicicadas with white and yellow colored eyes.

Blue Eyed Magicicada from Downers Grove, IL

Filed under: Brood XIII,Eye Color,Photos & Illustrations — Dan @ 8:10 am

This photos of a blue-eyed Magicicada was taken by Maria Wagner in Downers Grove, IL.

Blue Eyed Cicada

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