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May 3, 2005

A Chinese idiom

Filed under: Cicada Arts — Dan @ 5:26 pm

From Paul Frank’s Language Jottings:

Chán bù zhī xuě: The cicada knows nothing of snow. Said of someone who’s ignorant or inexperienced. There’s also the word huigu, platypleura kaempferi, a kind of bright-colored cicada, and the saying huigu bu zhi chun qiu, the cicada is ignorant of spring or autumn, i.e., limited in experience or vision.

May 2, 2005

No tea is served until the cicadas have sucked on the plants

Filed under: Cicada Arts — Dan @ 8:45 pm

Here’s a story about oolong tea:

This type of tea, sometimes called “Oriental Beauty Tea” uses green leaf cicadas to suck on the plants before the leaves are harvested and fermented. Not only do the leaves have quite a variation of colors, but the taste of the tea is unique with its fruit and honey flavor.

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