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June 19, 2007

Emergence Update for 6/19/2007

Filed under: Brood XIII — Dan @ 4:46 pm

We got our first IOWA sighting!


  1. When will they be gone??? About 2 weeks after the last one emerges. By the time Independence day rolls around, most places will be “liberated” from them.
  2. What’s that smell??? Like any rotting animal, cicadas emit a funky stank after they die. I think they smell like old bacon grease, other’s say Limburger cheese, wet dog…
  3. I haven’t seen any cicadas yet, does that mean I won’t see/hear any? Probably; time to get in the car and go to them.


  • Cedar River near Atalissa, Iowa
  • Lombard and Elmhurst are “cicada heaven”
  • At Lake Geneva at Aurora University the Cicada were EVERYWHERE
  • Singing in Wheaton
  • Palos Heights is crawling with these things.
  • All over the place in Wheeling, IL
  • EVERYWHERE in Schiller Park
  • Big Foot Beach State Park (southern Wisconsin next to Lake Geneva)
  • Aurora,IL

More Blue Eyed Cicada Contest Winners

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This entry was submitted by Elias Bonaros and Barbara Rzeszutek, taken in Deerfield, IL: Click the image for a larger version — do it!

blue eyed cicadas

This entry was submitted by Chris Owen, taken at Lemon Lake County Park in Cedar lake, IN:

blue eyed cicadas

Here’s a gallery of white and blue eyed cicadas.

A couple of nice cicada photos from Joe Balynas

Filed under: Brood XIII,Magicicada,Photos & Illustrations — Dan @ 4:11 pm

Click the images for larger versions:

Mating cicadas:

Mating Cicadas

A female cicada getting ready to lay some eggs:

A female cicada getting ready to lay some eggs

All Joe’s Magicicada photos.

June 15, 2007

Exuvia mania

Filed under: Brood XIII,Magicicada — Dan @ 9:56 pm

Joe Balynas sent us this picture of a mass of cicada exuvia (aka shells, skins, crisps). Make sure you click the image for the awesome larger version.


See all Joe’s Magicicada photos.

Brood XIII Magicicadas by Joe Green

Filed under: Brood XIII,Joe Green,Magicicada,Sounds,Video — Dan @ 8:50 am

Brood XIII Magicicadas by Joe Green

Brood XIII Magicicadas by Joe Green

Magicicada song by Joe Green

Magicicada song by Joe Green

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