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September 9, 2018

Brood VIII will emerge in 2019 in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia

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Brood VIII

Periodical cicada Brood VIII (Eight) will emerge in 2019 in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and the tip of the northern panhandle of West Virginia…

Hancock Count West Virginia

  • What:
    • Millions of these: Magicicada septendecim Brood VII 2018 09
    • Cicada insects with a 17-year life cycle.
    • Some people call them “locusts” but they’re really cicadas.
    • Which species: All three 17-year species, Magicicada septendecim, Magicicada cassini and Magicicada septendecula. How to tell the difference between the species.
    • NOT the green ones that arrive annually.
  • When: Typically beginning in May and ending in late June. These cicadas will begin to emerge when the soil 8″ beneath the ground reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit. A nice, warm rain will often trigger an emergence.
  • Where: TheSE COUNTIES:
  • Why: Why do they emerge in massive numbers every 17-years? In a nutshell, the long life cycle has helped them avoid gaining a specific above-ground predator, and the massive numbers allow them to satiate predators in general, allowing enough to survive and preproduce.

(In case you want to know I used this Retro Wave meme-maker for the 80s style images.)

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