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January 11, 2017

All the cicada FAQs

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This is a list of all the cicada “frequently asked questions” on our site.

Cicadas in General:

  1. How do cicadas make their sound?
  2. 10 Facts about Cicada Killer Wasps
  3. What do cicadas do?
  4. Are cicadas attracted to the sound of lawnmowers and other machinery?
  5. Can Cicadas See?
  6. Can pets or other animals sense cicadas below ground?
  7. What is the life span of a cicada?
  8. Do cicadas pee?
  9. Do cicadas stink?
  10. How do you pronounce Cicada?
  11. How many types of cicadas are there?
  12. How do I photograph cicadas at night?
  13. How to tell if a Cicada is a Male or Female?
  14. Is it possible to raise cicadas?
  15. Is there such thing as an albino cicada?
  16. Keeping cicadas for a short period of time
  17. What do Cicadas Eat?
  18. What do cicadas symbolize?
  19. What Eats Cicadas?
  20. What is the loudest cicada?
  21. What is the purpose of cicadas?
  22. What is the root of the word cicada?
  23. What Might Cause Cicadas to go Extinct?
  24. Where can I buy cicadas online?
  25. Where do cicadas live?
  26. Why do some cicadas have shriveled up or damaged wings?

17 & 13 Year / Magicicada / periodical / “locusts”:

  1. Will the cicadas kill my trees, shrubs or flowers?
  2. Why do Magicicada stay underground for 13 or 17 years?
  3. How can I prevent cicadas from damaging my plants?
  4. What are Broods?
  5. Did Someone Offer a Reward for White or Blue-eyed Cicadas?
  6. Are cicadas locusts?
  7. How Long Does a Periodical Cicada Emergence Last?
  8. Can you see letters like W & P on a cicada’s wings?
  9. What is Predator Satiation?
  10. What are Stragglers?
  11. Which fungus attacks Magicicadas?
  12. Do cicadas bite or sting?

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